A Fresh Redecor is Here!

02nd Nov 2022

We have amazing news, Redecorator.

It's time to introduce you to a new Redecor, something totally fresh and remarkable! We know that it's time to freshen things up and bring you some awesome new changes.  

Fresh start

Our first bit of exciting news is that we’ve launched a brand new shiny currency: Coins! Gold & Cash are out and Coins are in, making your gameplay much more straightforward. You can use Coins to purchase items, just as you used Cash & Gold. Your currency from before this adjustment will simply be converted into Coins. 

And the most important news of all is that we’ve added a much anticipated long-term progression within Redecor: Designer Status! We believe that this incredible way to work your way up through 10 wonderful Designer Statuses will totally transform your experience within Redecor.  

So let’s talk about what Designer Status means for you, Redecorator! 


With the new Designer Status progression, you’ll be able to Rise Up through incredible Statuses to reach the top of the top by becoming a Legend. Progressing itself is incredibly fun and rewarding. You’ll do this by accumulating Wins & Podiums. As you reach new Statuses, you’ll get tons of incredible perks, rewards, recognition, and unbelievable items.  

The items available for you to unlock and use will become more and more unique as you soar through your Designer Statuses! More intricate, elaborate, and stylish items mean your designs will become more elaborate, leading to more wins, and of course, higher Statuses. Your design game can totally transform. 

Every Redecorator that joins the game will begin with a Fresh Designer Status. If you’re a beloved long-term Redecorator with us, you will be assigned a higher Designer Status. We’ll make sure to find the absolute perfect Designer Status for you! 

By completing special tasks outlined in your fresh & updated profile page, you can progress to the next Designer Status, then the next, and so on. It’s an opportunity to become the best designer you can be, and can really see your beautiful designs recognized.  

Good news!! The moment you Rise Up one Designer Status every next Status you reach after is secured for you for this Season , so you won’t get downgraded at the end of the Season! ❤️ Next Season you will need to reach the Safe Point in order to maintain your Designer Status.

 So what Designer Statuses are there? 

There are 10 awesome Designer Statuses that you can Rise Up through. You can Rise Up to the next Designer Status an unlimited number of times during a Season. The best way to do this is to keep submitting designs so you can complete your Win-Meter. 

The Designer Statuses are as follows:

  • Fresh I 
  • Newbie II 
  • Amateur III 
  • Rising Star IV 
  • Newsworthy V 
  • Premium VI 
  • Elite VII 
  • A-List VIII 
  • Superstar IX 
  • Legend X 

 This is the awesome path you’ll follow, with tons of perks as you Rise Up. It’s important to note that at the Newsworthy Status, you will need to ensure your Status is secured. You can learn more about this on our FAQs page. 

Introducing the Relight Feature! 

Once you reach the Elite Designer Status, you’ll have access to our brand new Relight Feature. This wonderful feature allows you the possibility to change the lighting and ambiance in special Relight Challenges. It means there are even more ways to make your challenges unique.  

Relight allows you to really get creative with your lighting. Changing the colors and shades of your lights will totally transform the mood of your designs.  

When you Rise Up to A-List, even more, light collections and a fantastic brightness-adjusting option will become available to you. You’ll not only be able to change the colors of the lights in your challenges but can also make the lights brighter or darker, completely setting the mood. Rising Up to Superstar and Legend Designer Status will open even more inspiring lighting options for you to play with. 

There are so many more perks in store for you as you Rise Up, we can’t wait for you to gain access to them all. We wish you the best of luck on your Designer Status path and know you have what it takes to Rise Up and Up and become an epic Legend! 

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