The Right Color Palette

The lights are a bit dim, but I am pleasantly surprised at my eyesight and how good my peripheral vision is! Sadly food has not been prepared here in a very long time. With the right strong color palette, your decor could bring the kitchen back to its former glory. Perhaps even the house’s new inhabitant will feel more at ease to step in! You may be using rich colors in your design, so choosing accurate lighting is important to make sure the room doesn’t appear too dark. Lighting fixtures are also important in this style. If your furniture is feeling modern, consider a classic chandelier. If the room feels overly Victorian, look around for a more contemporary lamp.

More Design

I used my favorite app to create, to get in touch with new ideas and learn so many new decor tips. It was during these breaks in my home office, playing Redecor, that I finally decided to create and design my very own clinical space - thanks to all of the lovely designs I saw on the app.”

redecor-img redecor-img