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Celebrate the International Day of the Tropics with Redecor

25th Jun 2024

Welcome to Club Tropicana!

Dive into tropical-inspired Designs and win exciting prizes

International Day of the Tropics is a celebration of the diversity and richness found across the world’s most tropical regions. It’s a recognition of their unique ecosystems, cultures, and vibrant lifestyles that inspire creativity and joy around the world – just like us here at Redecor!


How We Plan on Celebrating It on Redecor

Let us welcome you to Club Tropicana, where you’ll embark on an unforgettable design adventure featuring all the vibrant charm of the tropics! This week, get ready for exciting sales, explore new Limited Items, and claim a special FREE gift! Let’s dive deeper into how we’re celebrating:

Tropical Designs: Dive into all-new tropical-inspired designs featuring tropical flowers, surfboards, and fashion accessories like fruit headbands! Plus, help Kai plan his wedding in just three days!

FREE Rewards: We’re giving away the ‘Island Dreams Kit’—a Revlon Kit featuring three new tropical shades!

New Arrivals: Explore our latest addition—the Tropical Silk Textile Collection, perfect for adding a touch of island elegance to any Design.

Limited Items: Dreaming of paradise? Add tropical beauty to your Designs with the last two Limited Items of the Season!


Tropical Designs: A Mini Style Guide

Tropical design is known for its vivid colors, lush textiles, and laid-back yet vibrant atmosphere. Here are some key tips to help you embrace this unique style in your Designs:

Color Palette: Think of lush greens, vibrant blues, sunny yellows, and sunset oranges. These colors reflect the natural beauty and warmth of tropical climates.

Textures: Incorporate natural textures like bamboo, rattan, and tropical woods. Soft, flowing fabrics such as silk and linen also evoke a sense of luxury and comfort.

Patterns: Use tropical patterns such as palm leaves, exotic flowers like orchids and hibiscus, as well as nautical elements like shells and coral to capture the essence of the tropics.


Join us in celebrating the International Day of the Tropics on Redecor all week-long! Immerse yourself in the vibrant colors, refreshing Designs, and exotic inspirations of the beautiful tropics!

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