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Setting Sail with Nautical Glam: Top 5 Tips to Perfect Your Coastal Home Decor Designs

03rd Jun 2024

A Chic Fusion of Coastal Serenity
and Luxury

Let’s dive into it!

Ahoy, Redecorators! Welcome to the new Season, where we invite you to set sail on an adventure with our latest design style: Nautical Glam. This chic and sophisticated style blends the serene charm of the seaside with the luxury of high-end decor, creating a perfect harmony of coastal elegance. Keep reading for home decor ideas on how to create spaces that scream coastal chic!  

What is Nautical Glam? 

Nautical Glam is a stunning design style that merges the classic, relaxed vibes of coastal living with a touch of luxury and elegance. Drawing inspiration from the ocean aesthetic, it combines sophisticated elements to create spaces that are both tranquil and chic. Think plush fabrics, metallic accents, and deep, rich colors interwoven with traditional nautical motifs like anchors, ropes, and seashells. Originating from the desire to elevate the simplicity of coastal design with a splash of glamour, Nautical Glam transforms everyday coastal decor into a sophisticated and stylish haven. 

5 Tips to Master Nautical Glam & Coastal Decor 

1. Incorporate Deep Coastal Blues: Dive into the depths of the ocean with a palette featuring deep navy, sapphire, and luxurious neutrals like taupe and ivory. These deep colors reflect the dark ocean aesthetic and bring the essence of the sea into your home, setting the stage for your coastal decor!

This Design is a symphony of oceanic inspiration! With rich navy hues taking center stage as the primary color palette, every element resonates with maritime charm. Whether it’s the accent wall, luxurious textiles, or carefully chosen accessories, the Redecor artists have masterfully crafted a space that screams coastal elegance. Absolutely perfect!

2. Blend Natural Textures with Luxurious Materials: Balance the charm of natural materials like driftwood and wicker with the sophistication of plush velvets, silks, and polished metals. This contrast creates a rich, layered look that is both inviting and elegant.

In this scene, notice how the wooden walls enhance the ambiance of modern coastal decor. The earthy natural tones play a crucial role in evoking the coastal ambiance of the room. Also, the thoughtfully selected unique coastal wall decor and coordinated linens seamlessly tie together all the elements, resulting in a space that radiates effortless charm and allure. We love it! 

3. Add a Touch of Green: An interesting coastal decor idea is to incorporate a touch of green into your designs. While Nautical Glam often includes deep blues, incorporating subtle hints of green can elevate your design. Opt for shades inspired by coastal foliage, like seafoam green or soft sage, through throw pillows, linens, or backdrops to evoke the tranquility of seaside landscapes.

This Design is colorful and airy at the same time. The interplay of the blue and green shades not only complements, but also enhances the space. The carefully thought-out use of neutral textiles and materials allows these colors to stand out. Another great aspect of this Design is the beautiful wallpaper, which perfectly represents the calming waves of the oceans with its interesting texture and neutral-green tones.

4. Layer Different Textiles & Materials:To bring your coastal decor ideas to life, master the art of textile layering. Embrace a variety of textiles and patterns, whether it’s pairing a luxurious velvet sofa with breezy linen cushions or adding an opulent silk throw. Explore mixing materials like woods, ceramics, or wicker into your coastal home decor. This adds visual interest and infuses your space with luxurious coastal charm.  

Take a look at the combination of textile being used in this Design! The aqua green sofa complements the shimmer on the pillows and throw. The wicker ceiling lamp and shiplap backdrop add perfect finishing touches. The layering creates a serene living space with clear coastal influences. Truly obsessed with this one! 

 5.Accessorize with Seaside Chic:Complete the look with carefully curated accessories that evoke the essence of coastal living and beach home decor.Think driftwood accents, nautical-inspired artwork, or glass jars filled with sand to add a touch of seaside charm to your space.


Coastal chic, anyone? While the wide, bold colored stripes are a staple in nautical design, it’s the carefully selected decorative accents that elevate the theme here. From the whimsical hanging glass jar candle holders to the vibrant hues of tropical ceramics, every element completes this design to embody the essence of a perfect beach home. Just one look at this Design and we’re already daydreaming about sinking into that couch after a day spent by the ocean!  

By incorporating these expert tips, you’ll effortlessly master the Nautical Glam style, crafting spaces that evoke the tranquility of a beachside retreat and the sophistication of a high-end luxury home. 

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