Redecor FAQs

  • What is the Rotate and Scale feature?


    The rotate and scale feature is a feature in the Redecor Premium membership meant to enhance your designing experience. With this feature, you can select Design Items and resize them according to your liking inside the rooms you’re designing, as well as rotate and flip them in different directions. This can give any Item a whole new look!

    How do I use this feature?
    1. Select a hotspot
    2. Select an Item
    3. Choose either the scale or the rotate tool
    4. Use the slider to personalize the Item

    How do I exit the feature?
    Pick another hotspot to continue designing.

    I don’t like what I created and want to start over. How do I reset the modification?
    Click on the X left of the slider.

    How do I flip the picture?
    Click on the two rectangle icons left of the slider inside the rotate tool.

    How do I buy scale and rotate uses?
    You purchase scale and rotate uses separately.
    Tap the rotate or scale feature and a purchase screen will pop up if you have no more uses left.