Pet-sthetic: New Survey Uncovers How Man’s Best Friend Impacts Interior Design

16th Jun 2024

Redecor, a realistic design simulation game that reaches 8M users globally, recently released a survey revealing just how much our furry friends impact our home aesthetic – and the answers are…telling. In fact, 78% consider aesthetics when buying pet accessories and have actually made home decor choices based on their pets. 


Pets Are Dominating the Home, Aesthetic-Wise

Having a pet in the home has proven benefits, but the latest findings show that pets are a huge factor in the decision making when decorating a home – for both you and fluffy.

– In fact, 78% said they consider aesthetics when choosing pet accessories, but only within a certain budget – most won’t spend more than $100 on such items (85%).
    ~ Some pet owners are true design fanatics, with 12% citing they are willing to spend up to $500 on pet accessories; yet 23% will not consider spending more than $25.
    ~ What’s more, 17% agree they would choose a pet to match their already existing aesthetic.

– And it doesn’t stop there: 42% of respondents said they have intentionally not purchased an item for their home that they loved because they were concerned their pet would ruin it.
    ~48% of respondents said they’ve had to throw out a piece of furniture because of their pet.
    ~40% of respondents have a custom portrait of their pet hanging in their home.

Pets Rules are Hotly Debated Among Couples 

Pets are considered a part of the family, and many have strict rules to ensure they behave as such. Even so, this survey shows rules are meant to be broken, with pet owners often failing to stick to their own guidelines. And if you’re in a relationship? Proceed with caution, as these rules may cause conflict.

– Nearly a third of couples have argued about their pets, with about a quarter of those arguments centered on where pets can sit and sleep.

– While 82% say they maintain their no pet on the bed rule – 8% admitted it took them only one day to break this rule when they got their pet.

– Another common rule is no pets on tables (47%) and countertops (54%).

– Surprisingly, 30% of respondents don’t have any furniture or part of the house off limits, allowing their pet to do what they want.

– Pets sleeping in the bed is the biggest argument people have with their partner (18%) followed by pet odor (17%).

Garbage Aesthetic is Trending, Especially If You Own a Cat 

Whether you own a dog or a cat, pets impact lifestyle and vibe in the home. Redecor uncovered some differences between the two, especially with cats. These complex creatures have their owners being much more cautious – and creative – with their decor choices.

–  52% of cat owners admit to leaving garbage/recycling out around their home because their pet enjoyed sleeping or playing with them – only 36% of dog owners said the same.

– Counters are off limits for 54% of cat owners and 83% of dog owners have a “no pets on the bed” rule.

– Cats are more destructive than dogs: 54% of cat owners had to throw out a piece of furniture because of damage done by their cat.

– Fashion is for the dogs: Buying pet outfits is more common among dog owners compared to cat owners (47% versus 32%).


Overall, results show that whether you have a dog, cat or otherwise, pets play a serious role in how we curate our homes. From choosing the most durable decor to selecting pet necessities that fit your current home design, pet owners are thinking carefully about the way pets can best fit into their home aesthetic and making true decor choices based on them. 


The survey received 7,300 responses in May 2024.

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