What Is the Summer Solstice and How Does It Relate to Design?

20th Jun 2024

The Summer Solstice marks the longest day and shortest night of the year, which happens when Earth’s tilt is most toward the Sun. Since it’s the official start of summer, let’s harness inspiration from this incredible event. Light, warm and nature-inspired décor awaits! 

Now’s the perfect time to refresh your home and embrace the season’s abundant natural light. Here are some tips to get you started: 

Color Palette  

Start by using light-colored fabrics like whites, pastels, and soft neutrals to create an airy and bright atmosphere. Yellow evokes the brightness of the sun, while oranges add a touch of the season’s warmth. Sky blues can create a calming effect, reminiscent of clear summer skies. If you prefer more neutral wall paint, these colors can be great in accent pieces and decorative items.  

Putting the Spotlight on Sunlight

Swap out heavy drapes for nearly sheer curtains that allow sunlight to filter through while maintaining privacy. Lightweight materials like voile or linen may help you enjoy the soft glow of filtered sunlight. Bonus tip: Mirrors, glass, and metallic accents bounce light around the room, so strategically place your mirrors to capture and amplify the natural light. Lighting plays a big role in any space, which is something we discussed more in detail about in our blog about tiny living.  

Bringing Nature Indoors 

Go for natural materials like wood, stone, and indoor plants that thrive in summer. Succulents are low maintenance and great for sunny spots! Ferns are a lush, green addition to shaded areas. Other indoor plants that thrive during summer include peace lilies, the ever-adaptable snake plant, aloe vera and monsteras. 

Outdoor Living Spaces 

What is the Summer Solstice without spending some time outdoors? Outdoor living spaces such as cozy patios, balconies, and garden nooks not only extend your living area but also foster a calming environment for enjoying the outdoors and making lasting summer memories.

Aim for weather-resistant furniture and textiles that can withstand sun and rain, ensuring durability and comfort throughout the season and beyond. For instance, teak wood is naturally resistant to water, insects and decay. Aluminum is rust resistant and lightweight which is perfect for if you decide to re-arrange the furniture at any point.  


Infuse your home with the essence of summer—natural light, greenery, and hopefully, positive energy. These simple additions can transform your home into a sanctuary. Curious how these tips can look in different spaces? Head over to the Redecor app available through Google Play or App Store and the Web version. It’s free so check it out and satisfy your curiosity!  

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