The Importance of Room Decor: A Guide

28th Jul 2022

What is room decor, and how do you do it right? 

Picture this: you enter a room for the first time, and all you see is a sea of…nothingness. Bare walls, bare floors, and a general lack of personality. 

We are asking: just what is room decor, and how do you do it right?

Well, there’s no clear answer to that, since it’s such a personal question: Room decor is what makes you, you.

Picture this: you enter a room for the first time, and all you see is a sea of…nothingness. Bare walls, bare floors, and a general lack of personality.

Now imagine that you walk into that same room, except this time, you’re stunned by all of the room decorations within: you see a room bursting with personality: color pops from the walls, from the pictures hanging, the carpets, light and trinkets all added stylishly to the room. This is the secret of knowing how to do room decor to express yourself.

But how exactly do you get those ideas for room decor, and room design in general? You might think that unless you’re an expert, room decor is almost impossible!

Never fear: we’re here! Not only do we give you a way to practice all of your room decor ideas, but we also have a whole range of tips and tricks to help you in your room decor journey in your own space! We’ve got a whole range of ideas from cute room decor ideas, to boho design, to DIY and even room dividing ideas (and more), you’re in the right place, no matter your room decor tastes and design passions!

And that’s only the very beginning of what we can offer you: read on for a whole range of our very own room decoration ideas in this blog!

Room Decor Ideas

Room decor isn’t a “one and done” type of room design; room decor is made up of loads of different types of different room decoration ideas. Check out our list below for a few of these!

We also recommend getting inspired from room decoration enthusiasts that you might find on Instagram, Pinterest, Google and more! Remember, every room you go into (even the one you’re reading this blog post on!) likely has had some form of room decor added into it, so keep your eyes peeled whenever you’re in a new or even a familiar) place! You might just have missed something in or moot that you’re in all the time, or suddenly notice something that’s been in your eyeline for ages.

Room decor inspiration can and will hit at any given moment. So be aware and be present, and you’ll never know what you might find!

Room Decoration Ideas

Whether you’re looking to add more storage to a room, or just make it a more inviting place to be in, room decoration ideas are far and wide. Here are some of our favorite room decoration ideas you might want to look into further!

  • Adding shelves to awkward bits of wall, to display your favorite photos, trinkets and more.
  • Add plants wherever, however. Plants really brighten up a room!
  • Paint a wall a different color, to add some extra depth to it.
  • When in doubt, add a mirror. In fact, mirrors go fantastically in small rooms, giving them the illusion of having more space than what’s really there.
  • Choose furniture with raised legs. This will give the appearance of a more airy, open space.

Room decoration ideas span a whole range of ideas, inspirations and passions. We recommend checking out social media for inspiration, as well as being aware and present in every room you enter from now on!

DIY Room Decor Ideas

Don’t have the cash right now to create a whole new room decor aesthetic? No problem! Here are some of our top tips for room decor ideas on the cheap (or free)!

  • Scour online marketplaces (such as Facebook, Craigslist or elsewhere) for people giving away furniture. You can then use a part of it, use the whole thing or upscale the time to have it match your desired room decor!
  • Look for discarded items on the street. Yes, really – it may sound a little off-putting, but this is a  great way to find hidden treasures, and all it takes is a good clean!
  • Go to our nearest crafts shop. You’ll often find raw materials (bamboo, anyone?) which will inspire you to try a whole new room decor design!
  • See what you have in your or your friends’ houses that you can already upcycle. It’ll be a fun project, not to mention, a way to take your DIY room decor in a whole new direction!

Room Dividing Ideas

Room dividing is one of the biggest challenges in room decor and room ideas in general, but just because it’s a known issue, doesn’t mean it’s a fun (and solvable) challenge! Here are some room dividing ideas:

  • Shelves, shelves, shelves! Check out a range of floating shelves, to section off certain areas. Sleeves are also a fantastic way to really take your room decor in a  whole new direction (literally) as shelves direct your attention upward, and could give the illusion of more space than there actually is in a room.
  • Try a makeshift partition, such as a bamboo wall (if outside) or a dressing divider. You could easily partition off certain areas of a room, all the while having a super stylish and modern room decor aesthetic!
  • If you’re not ready for either of the above ideas, try a floor rug to section off certain parts of the room visually. For example, a rug under the sofa and coffee table in the lounge, or a rug under the garden table set, can clearly delineate the room sections and the purposes from other areas of the room.

Speaking of which…

Room Decor Aesthetic Ideas

Room decor aesthetic might be more of a challenge to some fans of room decor than others, but it’s not impossible! Here are a few room decor aesthetic ideas to get your inspiration flowing!

  • If you’re more of a conservatve room decor type, try to stick to 3 colors maximum in one room, we recommend: a color for floors and accessories, a color for walls and a color to highlight other room decor accessories. For example, a blue floor, white walls and blue and gold accessories.
  • Try highlights and accents of other room decor colors present in the room you’re decorating. Taking our above tip into account, you could for example, have 6 different hues of blue and gold around your room!
  • Try interesting accessories you might not have considered previously, rugs, new lampshades, plants and even trinkets or jewelry you might have discarded previously, you never know what direction your room decoration ideas could take!

Boho Room Decor Ideas

Things get interesting with boho room decor! Sine boho room decor is very subjective to the person decorating, here are some tips and tricks you might want to take into account:

  • Get a second hand and flea markets to find interesting pieces you won’t find in stores.
  • Check out marketplaces online, people giving away furniture and more for a distinctively boho and collected room decor look!
  • See if there’s anything currently in your room decor that you can upcycle or alter to be more boho.
  • Get inspired by boo-style influencers, current trends in stores and other rooms you enter. Remember, boho is what you make of it, so if it makes sense to you, it can go in your boho room decor aesthetic!

A key tip here: it might be easier to have a few key boho room decor pieces, rather than try to design the whole boho room decor at one time.

Cute Room Decor Ideas

Whatever your definition of ‘cute’ room decor, here are a few ideas you might want to check out:

  • If you’re trying to design a child’s room and are looking for cute room decor ideas, then get inspired by influencers online, stores’ collections and other cute room decor examples. It’s always good to get an idea of what you’re setting out to do first, before starting to buy accessories and beyond!
  • If your definition of cute is a little different to another person’s when it comes to room designing ideas that’s ok! Try out a mood board of the different pieces, colors and styles you might want to see in your cute room decor design, and you’ll get off to a great start!
  • It’s ok if you define your cute room decor by narrowing down the things you don’t like, before recognizing the thighs you do. Progress is progress, after all, and no one becomes a room ecor expert in one day!

Color Room Decor Ideas

This is one for the bold, or not! We recommend you really think about your room decor color scheme before going wild with the paints and fabrics.

  • Focus on your personality, and the types of room decor and aesthetics you’re attracted to. Are you more of a muted person, or do you like bold, wild colors?
  • If you’re uncertain or want to start slowly, or experiment a little with your room design, stick to the rule of 3: 3 colors in one room, max.
  • Remember, everything is potentially reversible, if you have painted the walls a color you’re not sure of, you can always paint over it.i don’t like that fabric you initially thought was cool? Reupholster it!
  • Think about shades and highlights. One of the coolest room decor ideas is having it all one color, just with shades of that color.
  • Another cool room decor idea is to have two colors: shades of one and highlights of another, across the room’s design and accessories.

Small Room Decor Ideas

Small rooms are the most fun to design with crafty room decor ideas! Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Look for storage solutions online and in person. You can never have too much storage, especially in a small room where every inch counts!
  • Look at an awkward area, and think about how it can best be utilized for your room decor aesthetic, a strange nook in a room could be made into a writing desk, a shelved area or a display area, for example!
  • It’s all about optical illusions,with small room decor. Think about drawing a person’s vision higher up the wall, and research tricks for small rooms.
  • Be careful with your color choices. The key to small room decoration ideas is not swamping them with color.
  • Mirrors, mirrors, mirros. Place mirrors as much as possible in a small room, to give the illusions of a larger space.

Indie Room Decor Ideas

Indie room decor is what you make of it – here are a few ideas to get you going!

  • Follow indie influencers on social media to see how they live their lives, what kind of furniture do they have in their spaces? What kind of products do you see around them?
  • Look to your wardrobe for accessories and room decor aesthetic choices.
  • Ask your friends to help you out, by scouting for interesting items, or giving a second opinion on what your room decor style could be.

The most important thing to keep in mind with indie room decor is that everything is subjective. If it makes sense to you, it can be apart of your personal indie room decor aesthetic. It’s also a good idea to start slowly, and choose a few key pieces to build out your indie room decoration ideas.

Kawaii Room Decor Ideas

Think pink and fluffy, and when it come so kawaii room decor, he sky’s the limit. There’s just no such thing as ‘too much’!

  • Look online for inspiration, and see other kawaii room decor ideas.
  • When abroad, especially in the Far East, look for inspiration and buy trinkets and other room decor accessories that you can use in your own space.
  • A solid tip: make sure everything is easy to clean. Due to the pink, fluffy nature of kawai room design, you want to keep everything looking as clea and pristine as possible!

Kawaii room decor is really in the eye of the beholder. As with most of our tips above, we say start off as small or as big as you like; it’s your room, and your room decor, so whatever makes the most sense to you is what should be in your space!

Questions and Answers about Room Decor

Can I do room decor myself?

Of course! You can look online to gain inspiration,and play fun room decor designing games to hit your room decor spot! It’s a super fun hobby, and really help you develop your own ideas and room design style!

Where can I find more decoration ideas?

Everywhere and anywhere, the world is your canvas! Keep an eye peeled in every room you go into even the ones you’re in the all the time) for inspiration, and check out different social media platforms online for more great room decor ideas!

How can I start to decorate my room?

Easily! For a quick, free way to get started with room decor, check out Room Decor, the all-in-one fun and relaxing room design game that you can play anywhere and everywhere!

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