Genevieve Gorder for Redecor

29th Jul 2022

As many of you already know, this July we were collaborating with incredible Genevieve Gorder. Genevieve is a talented designer, recipe maker, music enthusiast, and much more!

So check out the amazing interview we managed to squeeze in her busy schedule!

The interview will cover all the best things: interior design, her passions, current Redecor season and more! Are you ready? 


Where do you find inspiration?

I think I could write a whole book just about this question. In a nutshell, inspiration is not a task, a formula nor a science…it’s a feeling, its a moment. And it can literally be anything, a song, a bowl of soup, a view, an ancient object, an emotion that makes you FEEL beauty. When this moment occurs, you want to create and you use that spark to build your fire, your vision. It’s one of the most wonderful feelings an artist can have.

You’ve had such an impressive career, you now have an empire! How did it all start? What do you think is the secret to your success?

It started without me knowing it. I grew up in a young family of preservationists, of renovationists and we would go old house to old house, recesitating, restoring and then living in old victorians left behind. As a young adult found graphic design, worked at MTV designing all sorts of cool 20 something things and finishing design school at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. I went into designing for advertising and interiors of course, won a few nerdy design awards of a bottle of Tanqueray 10 I had designed as a 23 year old. TV came calling, literally on my office phone looking for award winning designers that year to join a show called Trading Spaces. Needless to say, it launched a career in television. 22 years later, 22 lifestyle shows all over the world later and rug, fabric, furniture, wallpaper, collections later…here we are.

 What’s something you would never do in a design?

 I would never design without my heart. Empathy and intuition are what set me apart.

What’s your GOLDEN rule for designing just right?

The rule is to know and understand all of the rules and methodology behind design enough to break them skillfully.

Art and design should be fun, our job is to see harder and play harder.

 What makes an okay designer a good designer, in your eyes?

A designer that has the ability to listen and then design without fear.


What’s your life motto? What do you believe in?

 I believe in kindness, I believe in love and living beautifully. What I believe in is my motto.

 What’s something you want to share with our Redecorators, for them to keep in mind at all times?

There is no “safe”, beige is nobody’s favorite color, think about how all of the items work together as families of things creating balance and beauty. PLAY, redecor is a place to exercise your imagination not color within the lines. Have no fear.

What inspires you?

I need to constantly take my eyes on dates so that I don’t keep creating the same thing over and over. I travel to feel and see harder. When I don’t know the language, smells, sounds, etc. I see harder and rely on my imagination and intuition to guide me. Traveling is a continuing education for the soul that almost removes all of the adult callous and we become children again. And children have the best imaginations…it’s how I tune mine often. When I can’t leave my surroundings, I travel in my headphones in nature or a museum.


What’s your fav design style?

I never do just one style, that would be boring wouldn’t it. A great design is a combination of styles always. Its like I wouldn’t want to wear one pattern head to toe…you’ve got to flex with a lot of different aesthetics. I always dip into classic pre war, the ancient, Scandinavian homages, global sprinkles and modern lines. I change often to suit what or who I’m designing for…that’s our job!

 What’s your favourite colour combination?

 Right now I’m loving nudes, salmons, oysters, natural fibers, ash and deep chalky black

What’s your favourite spot in your home?

Sitting on the sofa in my giant French windows, but when it rains or snows I have different favorites.


Have you ever been on a road trip? What’s your fondest memory from it?

Of course, I’m American! Road trips are part of our spirits and great distances are part of the fun. Ohhhhhh, I have almost too many road trips to really say FAVORITE. I approach all travel as a designer, I want to create a beautiful experience. One of my favorites was as a 20 something, I took two Spanish friends to the the Grand Canyon. I picked them up in a red convertible in Phoenix, Arizona and we just drove and drove until we ran into it. I had a reservation for dinner at the one ranch that lives at the bottom of the canyon. We walked down all day, surrounded in epic beauty to be welcomed to an incredible steak dinner waiting for us and a night outside by the Colorado river. The next day we walked back up (not as fun) and hit the road to New Mexico. Europeans are always blown away by the size of this country, the nature and the vastness. With guests from afar, you get to experience your land all over again which I love. We settled in New Mexico for a week of hot springs, horses and cowboys, pausing for all things beautiful. It was magical.

What’s your fav music for a road trip? That one song you’ll be listening to, driving down Route 66?

The playlist is so important and it’s one of the deepest memories that you will always have of your trip. One song can trigger the whole experience…forever!

Route 66? It depends on the year, the season and who I’m with but I think something deeply American and soulful for this particular road, let’s start with a little

Love & Happiness from the reverend Al Green.


What’s your fav family dish that you’re famous for?

I happen to looooooooooove cooking for people and again, approach it as a design experience. I am very “famous” for my tacos and yes I design and work in Mexico often. It’s the playfulness because Im not from there where things get interesting…I know so many of the traditional recipes (rules) that I can play with fusion. Swedish tacos are a big hit and won some awards….slow cooked brisket with all of the classic Swedish meatball seasoning, a dill cream, jalapeño +ligonberry chutney, horseradish chili sauce isssssssa good.

What’s your favourite place in the US.?

I will give you my top 5 as the US is too big for just one.

1. NYC of course, my home and ridiculously special

2. The Mojave desert, Joshua and all of it’s lunar landscapes

3. Bryce Canyon, UT earth at its best

4. Minneapolis, MN my homeland and the most amazing glacial lakes on the planet

5. Detroit, MI the Rome of the US, when we were gladiators of music and movement (cars)

Any final message to the Redecor players, who are following you?

BRIIIIIIIIIING IT! Listen, I am a soft hearted sweetie pie but when it comes to games? I LOVE to compete, so let’s go!

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