The Best Small Room Ideas

29th Jul 2022

The Best Small Bedroom Decor Ideas

In this helpful guide, we give you the rundown of everything you need to know about small bedroom decor, from the right color choices, to the right furniture, to inspiration for organization and storage, to solid lighting, mirrors and more!

Decorating any bedroom is a challenge, but when it comes to small bedrooms, decorating can be really tough, unless you know what you’re doing. 

Having an existing set of small bedroom decorating deals can really help you when it comes to putting your design into place. 

In this helpful guide, we give you the rundown of everything you need to know about small bedroom decor, from the right color choices, to the right furniture, to inspiration for organization and storage, to solid lighting, mirrors and more! 

Ideas for a Modern Small Bedroom

The sky’s the limit when it comes to small bedroom decorating ideas, and you just need to be aware of the dos and don’ts: 


Experiment, and be willing to try new things with your small bedroom decor.
Use your small bedroom as your canvas, and consider every square inch a place ripe for usage; you just need to know how to use it properly! 
Try to downsize your belongings before you enter your small bedroom, as reducing clutter and unnecessary items can really help in the later stages of designing your small bedroom decor! 
Look online for small bedroom decor inspiration. 


Think there’s nothing you can do with small bedroom decor. It just takes a more clever approach (which is where we come in!)
Start designing until you go over every one of our lists of small bedroom decor ideas! 
Despair – there is a whole range of solutions for everything and anything when it comes to ideas for decorating your small bedroom! 

Small Bedroom Storage Ideas

Your small bedroom begins with your storage options. Here are some clever small bedroom organization ideas that you’ll wish you thought of sooner! 

Look at bed frames that come with storage underneath. This could be with room for storage boxes, or even built-in drawers. 
Think about your small bedroom layout ideas. You might need to experiment with the proportions to ensure everything you want can fit in. Remember to measure the room accurately! 
Look at awkward spaces in your small bedroom decor plan, and think about how you can use them correctly. A small nook could be a place to hang some items or display something. Remember that every space and inch counts! 

2 Beds in One Small Room Ideas

Things become a little more complicated (but not impossible!) when you try to fit two beds into one small bedroom. This is where small bedroom layout ideas are the most important! 

Think about bunk beds, either the traditional type, or a more modern type. They can do a lot for a small room, and are one of the smartest small twin bedroom ideas around. 
If you only need a second bed temporarily, look at creative small bedroom organization ideas, such as a foldaway mattress, or an extra bed that folds out of a first twin bed. 
Look at hanging the twin beds. Building a gallery into the bedroom’s walls is a fantastic small bedroom idea modern hack. 

Small Bedroom Layout Ideas

This is where the fun begins! Small bedroom layout ideas are many and plenty, and there’s a solution for every type of small bedroom decor. 

Measure your room and then measure it again, make sure you know exactly what type of room you’re dealing with, including the size, shape, and any odd angles. 
Consider the layout of the room before buying furniture, and measure each piece of furniture individually, leaving a margin of error too. 
Hide furniture – this could be the bed, a dressing table or a hidden cupboard. This also adds to the small bedroom aesthetic, keeping things clean and uncluttered. 

Small Bedroom Organization Ideas 

Your small bedroom decorating ideas start with your small bedroom’s organization. Clunky furniture can really rob a small bedroom of its space, so be wise and think about your layout before you consider any decor for small bedroom options. 

Look at creative small bedroom storage solutions. Every inch matters, so look for storage under beds, creative cupboards, and even vertical wall space. 
If a traditional cupboard is too big or clunky to go into your small bedroom decor, look at corner cabinets or closets. 
Hack built existing furniture to get even more storage space. If you have a current small bedroom layout that you like but that lacks storage, look above and below it for extra storage space. 
Look to your walls – literally, when it comes to bedroom ideas for apartments, especially small bedroom layout ideas, it’s worth looking at what your walls can do for you, and using the wall space helps the small bedroom to look bigger than it really is. 
Think about the bed’s position. As the biggest thing in the room, any small bedroom decor starts and ends with the bed. Experimenting with its position is a key element of small master bedroom ideas too), and it’s possible to use your bed as more than just a bed. 

Small Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Illuminating a small bedroom is absolutely key to creating a vibrant, enhanced small bedroom decor. Being clever about where the lighting foes, even in a tiny or awkward space, can really make or break your small bedroom decor. 

Think wall lights. These really free up space, and can make a room feel much larger than it is, it’s a key element of any small master bedroom ideas and designs. 
Don’t go with pendant lights. They’ll make your room look smaller than it is. This is a small bedroom decor no-no. 
Layer your light sources. A key element of successful yet cozy small master bedroom ideas is having a few light sources throughout the bedroom, but deployed cleverly. 
Keep your light fixtures slim. They’ll look slimmer and cleaner, and not draw the eye too much in what could otherwise be a very cluttered space. 

Small Bedroom Mirror Ideas

Mirrors are an excellent addition to any small bedroom decor, as they allow the room to feel much airier and larger than it really is! Here are some mirror-related bedroom ideas for apartments: 

Place a mirror near or next to a window so more natural light can come in and be reflected around the room. This will make it feel light and airy and be well-lit! 
 Avoid hanging a mirror directly opposite the bed. Although it’s tempting, this small bedroom decor is a bad idea in terms of creating space and light in the room. 
Choose small, stylish mirrors for tight small bedroom decorating ideas, and larger, wider mirrors for more open spaces. 
Hang a mirror opposite one another. This is an interesting small bedroom decor trick, and just as one mirror will make the bedroom feel larger and lighter, two will make that feel double! 

Small Twin Bedroom Ideas

As with the tips above for 2 beds in one small bedroom, there’s a lot you can do with twin beds in your small bedroom decorating ideas. 

The best decor for small bedroom with twin beds is to place the twin beds parallel to one another, lengthwise along the wall. This is one of those small twin bedroom ideas that creates a feeling of more space in the room. 
If the small bedroom is L-shaped, place the twin beds on the opposite ends of the L.  
The actual small bedroom decor ideas with twin beds in a room really rests on how big the room is once the twin beds have been arranged. As far as your small bedroom decorating ideas go, once the twin beds are placed you can follow the tips outlined above. 

Questions and Answers about Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

How do you decorate a small bedroom? 

In a nutshell: use bright colors, carefully consider the furniture you’re adding into your small bedroom decor plan, and use mirrors to make the room feel larger than it is. Check out Room Decor, the top free online game to design and experiment with your very own small bedroom decor! Get started now! 


How do you make a small bedroom look cozy? 

That would be down to the light sources, furnishings and furniture you use in your decor for a small bedroom. Take the tips we’ve outlined above into account, and you can have fabulous, stylish but cozy small bedroom decor! We really recommend checking out Room Decor, the #1 free online design game that will help you design and deploy your very own small bedroom decor, before you do the real thing! 


How can I decorate my small bedroom on a budget? 

As with every decoration project, decorating a small bedroom on a budget relies on your ability to source deals, as well as upcycle any existing furniture. Our advice is to see what you can already use in your small bedroom decor, and then see what other items you need. A good rule of thumb is to consult online marketplaces for good deals, or ask friends and family if they have any items you’d be interested in that they’re letting go of! 

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