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02nd Nov 2022

Keep Things Fresh at Home & at Redecor

Welcome to the absolute freshest Season yet, Redecorator! This Season is all about freshening up your home, your Challenges and yourself. Redecor has reemerged with new improvements, additions, and features and we hope you take inspiration from all our new changes to create new, fresh changes for yourself.

This Season isn’t about 1 design style, but about many. We’ll offer you Daily Freshers, or tips, for you to apply to your life to make it that much better. Self-improvement is a process that is ever-changing and evermoving and we believe in you, Redecorator!

So how can I make my home it’s most fresh?

There are many ways to keep your home its absolute freshest, and we’ll share lots of these tips with you with the Daily Freshers. However, there are definitely some important ways you can brighten things up that we will outline here.

Use Light but Distinct Colors

As you know, color in any space is incredibly important. It sets the tone, the mood and even dictates emotion. You can check out our blog post here about what the best colors for each room are. The colors within this Season are light but distinct. You won’t see deep purples, blues & red, but you will see light oranges, blues, greens and whites.

These colors are the best way to keep a room fresh. Dark colors and pastels have their place, but these colors will typically stand the test of time and will give you feelings of calmness but alertness which is exactly what you want in your home (and in your amazing challenges in Redecor!)

Use Nature Inspired Materials

Did you know that being in nature is clinically shown to improve your mood? It’s no wonder that designers often want to bring plants into a home. They can truly make you feel better! Our Season features a lot of gorgeous nature-inspired items. If you aren’t able to put plants in your home, you can use materials that remind you of nature. 

Our Season Pass materials do just that- they bring nature into textiles, art, and table & floor decorations. You can see that the colors are light and distinct and are in more “cool” tones, which remind us of earth, water and air. These items are sure to make your challenges completely fresh.

Flowers, Flowers Everywhere

Flowers, like all things in nature, release chemicals inside of us that trigger feeling of wellness. They connect us to an overall positive feeling. Whether we get them for ourselves or from others, they add a beautiful aspect to our homes. Pick a routine- perhaps once a week, or once a month, to purchase your favorite bouquet of flowers. The color and type can depend on your mood.

The table & floor decorations in this new Season are statement pieces with pops of color or a monotone bowl of white gourds. They’re sure to bring a fresh, new feeling into any challenge.

Smells Can Improve Your Mood

We spoke a lot about what we see in our space and how important that is, but what about what we smell in our space? Smells can wake us up, or put us in a relaxing place, depending on what we want to feel. We recommend trying different essential oils and seeing which one speaks to you. 

One of our favorites is lavender. This incredible herb is known to have calming effects while reducing anxiety. It’s a must to spray on your pillow before bed. An infuser or a candle will also freshen up your kitchen, bathroom, or living room. Peppermint, lemongrass, and frankincense are also sure to brighten up your life.

As you can see, there are so many ways to freshen up your life, your home, and your Redecor designs. The combination of what we recommend here, along with our Daily Freshers is sure to put you on the right track. Self-improvement is something that doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time! We are excited to welcome a fresh Season, fresh Redecor, and a fresh you!

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