All About the Redecor Designer Status

22nd Feb 2024

Learn all about the Designer Status!

Work your way up to enjoy amazing benefits!

Designer status

Learn about the Designer Status! Work your way up through 11 Designer Statuses and transform your Redecor experience with incredible perks and benefits unique to each Rank!

So let’s talk about what Designer Status means to you! 

Designer status


Designer Status is Redecor’s leveling system which gives you the success, rewards, and benefits you truly deserve. Your goal is to make it to the very top by reaching the Icon Designer Status before your Personal Timer of 14 days is over! Your Personal Timer will restart after it ends or when you Rise Up to a new Designer Status.

Create beautiful Designs, get Wins and Rise up! Progressing throughout the different Ranks is incredibly fun and rewarding, and is achieved by accumulating Wins. As you reach new Statuses, you’ll get exciting new options, incredible perks, rewards, recognition, and unbelievable Design Items!

The Items available for you to unlock and use will become more and more unique as you rise through your Designer Statuses. We can’t wait to see what you’ll create with all the intricate, elaborate, and stylish Items that are waiting for you in the higher ranks!

Your “Safe Point” is the shield icon in your Designer Status progression on your profile. Once you reach your Safe Point, your Designer Status is safe until the end of the Personal Timer. If you don’t reach the Safe Point before your Timer ends, you will be demoted a Rank – but no worries, you can always try again during the next cycle!

 So what Designer Statuses are there? 

There are 11 awesome Designer Statuses that you can Rise Up through. You can Rise Up to the next Designer Status an unlimited number of times during your 14 day cycle. The best way to do this is to keep submitting designs so you can fill up your Win progress bar. 

The Designer Statuses are as follows:

  • Fresh I 
  • Newbie II 
  • Amateur III 
  • Rising Star IV 
  • Newsworthy V 
  • Premium VI 
  • Elite VII 
  • A-List VIII 
  • Superstar IX 
  • Legend X 
  • Icon XI

 This is the awesome path you’ll follow, with tons of perks as you Rise Up. It’s important to note that at the Newsworthy Status, you will need to ensure your Status is secured. You can learn more about this on our FAQs page. 

We wish you the best of luck on your Designer Status path and know you have what it takes to Rise Up and Up and become an epic Icon! 

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