The Best Colors for Each Room

21st Oct 2022

Colors have their own personalities, just like all of us!

Let’s figure out the best colors for all the spaces in your home.

The biggest question new designers often ask is: what colors should I use in my home? The first answer is to first and foremost go with colors that fit your personality and preference. Your home is your safe space where you need to feel your best.

But did you know that there’s an entire psychology of colors? Colors can affect your energy level and moods. Wall color can make a room feel bigger or smaller, and the color of furniture can even change its perceived shape and size. 

Now of course, there are no rules with colors in each room. If you’d like a red and black bedroom with zebra stripe bedding, then by all means! Our advice here is to show you how colors can elicit certain feelings in each room.

Bedrooms are for Relaxation


Breakfast in Bed by player: Binnx mom

How would you like to feel in your bedroom? You probably answered: relaxed, calm, peaceful and of course, well-rested! So the first question to ask yourself is: what color relaxes me the most? What color makes me feel calm? 

If you haven’t come up with anything off the top of your head, we can recommend using blue as a main color or an accent color. Blue has been shown to physically relax a person. Light greens are also great as they can relieve stress, and purples are warmer but still promote calmness. 

Living Rooms are for Enjoyment

Living room

Trust your Uniqueness
by Down under designs

Oftentimes a living room is the most used room in a home. It’s where you’re meant to kick back and enjoy. The first thing to think about is that living room colors should coordinate well with the rest of the home, as living rooms often flow into other rooms.

There is definitely not one color that’s best for a living room, however, we can suggest using neutrals and greens to elicit a livable, earthy feeling. Red is for living rooms where you want to elicit a bit of excitement, and just like the bedroom, blue can be used for a totally chill vibe.


Bathrooms are for Pampering


Coastal Vibes by redecor_sara1

Your bathroom should be your oasis. The problem with bathrooms? They’re often small. Great news for you minimalists out there, one of the best color options to make your bathroom appear larger is stark or off-white. Light colors make a room appear bigger because they reflect light easier. 

Not a fan of white? We can also recommend grey and beige if you’re a neutral lover. If you prefer to add in some color, pale blue and pink will also reflect light nicely. If you want something bright, go for yellow to create uplifting energy.


Kitchens are for Creativity


Hamptons-Style Kitchen By Charnette Marie

You may not have thought of it this way, but kitchens are actually for creating. Family time, delicious meals and lifelong memories are all made in the kitchen. Since kitchens are the heart of your home, go with what you love, and what matches the style of your home.

The most important aspect of choosing kitchen colors is that you have to choose 2 main colors in your kitchen- your cabinet color and your wall color. The colors here aren’t so important, it’s more about contrast. If your cabinets are dark, go for a lighter wall color, and vice versa.


Dining Rooms are for Feasting

Warmer colors are actually known to stimulate appetite. If you want your guests to chow down on delicious food (takeout or homemade- we don’t judge!) we can recommend reds, oranges, and yellows. Want something a bit more calming? Warm blues and purples can be great choices. 

Dining table

Eccentric & Fabulous
by decogame

Just as there are colors that can make you feel hungry, there are colors that can make you feel less hungry. These colors are blue, which can make you feel tired and can thus reduce your appetite, and bright greens that can give you too much energy to eat.

So now you have your guide, Redecorator! Color psychology is definitely something to consider, as each color can really affect how you feel. But at the end of the day, you need to love each and every one of the rooms in your home, so the important thing is to make it as YOU as it can possibly be.

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