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What’s New This Green Oasis Season?

01st Apr 2024

Everything waiting for you this Season!

Here’s a list of all the exciting events about to happen. Check it out now!

Welcome to Green Oasis, where sustainability meets style in the most beautiful way possible. This Season, we invite you to explore the beauty of minimalistic yet futuristic green designs that seamlessly blend creativity with sustainability.

This Season Pass follows three of the world’s top architects as they compete to create the best design solutions for greener living, but only one can win! Complete all 8 of the Eco Competition Designs throughout the month & vote for your favorite to win a Limited Item! Want to know more?  You can get all the info in this blog post here.

But that’s not all… Brace yourself for the many surprises awaiting you this Season! Let’s dive into the special events we have lined up for you.

First on the agenda is Tiny Living – the trendiest eco-movement of the year! Explore the wonders of Tiny Houses— a sustainable design solution, requiring minimal space and resources. Get ready to customize and Design your very own tiny home

It’s our 4th birthday! Join us for a weeklong eco-style birthday celebration in the Enchanted FOURest. Expect festive Designs, birthday gifts and a lot of cool surprises. We can’t wait to see you there!

Following our birthday bash, get ready for My Grass Is Green—an ode to life’s simple pleasures such as family, art, hobbies, and pets. Experience the magic of growth as you nurture your own Flower with each submitted design. Once it reaches full bloom, you can get it as a Limited Item—a reminder of life’s beautiful moments.

Then comes the Earth Festival! This season, your designs can make a difference. Participate in the Earth Festival, where we’ve teamed up with Dots.Eco. Later on, create Designs using our special Limited Item to contribute to a donation. Dive into green living education with Designs offering sustainable design solutions to reduce plastic in everyday life. Remember, there is no planet B!

And finally, Creativity Days—eco edition—are back! Immerse yourself in a week of fashion, dance, and boundless creativity, all with an eco-conscious twist. Don’t miss out on the all of the eco-friendly materials and Designs waiting for you.

We’re incredibly excited for you to explore the enchanting Green Oasis Season, a month dedicated to celebrating the beauty of nature and the significance of sustainable living. Get ready to unleash your creativity, Redecorators – the new Season awaits!

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