The Eco Competition Begins

01st Apr 2024

Your help is needed!

Here's everything you need to know about The Eco Competition.

Lights, camera, eco-action: The Eco Competition is starting & your help is needed!  

This Season, three visionary architects – Maya, Paulo, and Julien, will go head-to-head in a month-long competition. They are going to be pushing boundaries and creating the ultimate eco-friendly design solution.  

There’s a lot of rewards this Season! You will receive 1000 coins after submitting EACH of the 8 Designs. And, if you collect all 8 blueprints, you will also get a unique Limited Item! But that’s not all! If you want a chance to win an ADDITIONAL prize, tell us why you voted for your architect on our Facebook group! 

We’re excited to have you be part of the journey as these architects transform concepts into tangible realities, each striving to leave their mark on the landscape of sustainable living. But remember, you’re not just a spectator, you’re an essential part of the action! 

We hope you are ready to roll up your sleeves and dive into the world of creativity, innovation, and environmentally friendly Designs! 


What is sustainable living?

Interpretations may vary, but ultimately, it refers to a lifestyle that focuses on minimizing environmental impact. Sustainable living includes a variety of eco-conscious practices, some of which are using recycled materials, utilizing renewable energy sources, and buying locally sourced foods.  

Wondering how many Designs you’ll need to complete for the competition?  

You’ll need to tackle 8 Designs to qualify for the BIG prize! We’re sure you’re not going to want to miss out – so ensure you finish them all!  

Eager to secure the big prize and want to know if there is anything to collect?  

By the end of the Season, you should have collected 8 blueprints. There’s a blueprint to be collected after every ‘The Eco Competition’ Design. You got this!  

Are there any requirements for the Designs?  

Nope! There are no specific requirements, just let your creativity flourish! Use the briefs as inspiration and do what you think is best.  


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