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The Redecor Easter Design Tournament Is Here!

28th Mar 2024

Hop into the Easter fun!

Learn all about the new competition and help your team win!

The Redecor Design Tournament is BACK! Are you ready to hop into the Easter spirit and help your team WIN?!

Here’s how it’s going to work: each Redecorator will be placed into one of four teams: Eggcellent Designers, Springtime Stylists, Decorative Bunnies, or Blooming Beauties! Each team has four days to rally together and get as many Wins as possible!

The contest will kick off on the 28th and will end on the 31st of March. The team with the most Wins by the 31st will be crowned the winner and will receive 2 past Season Pass Items!

The FINAL results will be shared at 17:00 UTC on the 1st of April via a pop-up message inside the game and an inbox!

 Want to reach out and find your team members? Start a conversation on the Redecor Official Community Facebook group, and meet everyone! 

Are you ready to win?! Remember, teamwork makes the dream work!

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