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Discovering the Message in a Bottle

03rd Jun 2024

Here’s everything you need to know

Submit Designs and solve riddles to reveal design tips and win a Limited Item!

Ready for an exciting nautical adventure? 

This Season is all about 6 people who have found messages in bottles, each one a mystery which requires a riddle to be solved to open the bottle. Luckily, they have you to help them solve the riddles and find out what is on the notes inside.  

Here’s how it works:

The season has 6 ‘Message in a Bottle’ Designs. There’s a bottle in every one of those Designs, and a riddle written inside of the briefs.

The Designs will go live one-by-one throughout the Season. Each one will be live for 48 hours, so be sure to check back often! In order to win the ‘Marine Marvel’ Limited Item, you’ll need to solve at least 5 of the riddles.

The answer to each riddle is a different color. If you solve the riddle and paint the scene’s bottle using the correct color, you’ll be rewarded with a design tip relevant to Nautical Glam and 1000 Coins!

Here’s an example of what the riddles will be like: 

“Through the morning light I greet the day;
In sunflowers and bees I lead the way.
I shine like the sun, warm and bright,
In pineapples and lemons I bring delight.”

Scroll to the bottom of the page for the answer! 


How many Designs and riddles are there?  

There are 12 Season Pass Designs, but only 6 are ‘Message in a Bottle’. Each of the ‘Message in a Bottle’ Designs have 1 riddle, so 6 riddles in total. 

Do I need to complete all the Season Pass Designs to win? 

No, but it’ll be fun if you do! To win a Limited Item you’ll need to solve at least 5 of the 6 riddles. Each Design will only be live for 48 hours. 

Will the bottles be hidden or clearly visible? 

The bottle in each scene will be easy to see, so your focus should be on getting the color just right! 

How will I know if I solved the riddle & used the right bottle color? 

You’ll know you solved the riddle if you receive a pop-up with a Nautical Glam design tip! 

If the incorrect bottle color was used, you’ll get a different pop-up, encouraging you to try again. 


The answer to the riddle above: Yellow! 

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