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2023 Top Interior Design Trends: Part 2

17th Jan 2023

We’re back bringing you even more interior design trends we predict we’ll see this upcoming year!

In 2023 Top Interior Design Trends: Part 1, the majority of the trends we covered emphasized a comfortable living space. The trends you’ll see in this part 2 style guide are also designed to make your home feel like your safe haven.

Trends Part 2

We welcome you to try these trends out at Redecor during the Grand Reveal Season. Challenges will showcase each trend listed here & you get an opportunity to put your new knowledge to the test, rise up & gain inspiration for your home!


Let’s check out 8 more trends you’ll see popping up in interior design in 2023.


Trend 9: Night Sky Vibes

Night Sky Minerals

This trend will leave you feeling star-struck. Get ready to see galaxy and night sky inspired table tops, wallpaper, bathroom vanities, accessories and more. This marbled dark blue with white and grey accents is the perfect way to bring in some luxury. Galactic blue, a gorgeous deep, sky blue will also be a popular color this year and is dynamic enough to be used in any room. Night sky decor is relaxing and accessible while making any space feel high-end.


Trend 10: Arches


Renaissance architecture is a major inspiration for the arches trend that we’ll see in 2023. We love the powerful arched mirrors, doorways, furniture and decorative elements that’ll appear this year. In our previous style guide, we mentioned that curved furniture is a trend that invites relaxation, as curves are reminiscent of nature. Arches bring in an organic, dynamic and flowy feel to any space, especially in contrast to usual rectangular shapes rooms.


Trend 11: Anti-Neutrals


Neutrals will always have a place in our hearts, but this upcoming year we’ll see other colors like pastels replacing our beloved neutrals, and we can’t complain! One of the main anti-neutral colors we’ll see this year is lavender. This multifaceted color has endless shades, making it an incredibly dynamic gender-neutral color to use. Putting it in your space can make you cheerful and calm, while also adding a luxurious element to your space. 


Trend 12: Walls That Pop

Walls That Pop

We’re in the age of wanting the perfect instagrammable wall, so it makes sense that the trend of one bold statement wall is rising. Adding a recognizable wall to your business that’s aligned with your brand’s look and feel can help you with marketing. Customers will want a fantastic pic with your wall, and will be happy to share it on their social media. This trend can also be applied to private homes, where having a beautiful place to do video calls can take your calls to the next level.


Trend 13: Unique Lighting

Unique Lights

We’re excited to see some really unique lighting options this upcoming year. Oversized pendants are show-stopping and are an interesting way to play with scale. New and improved portable table lamps are also making their way into our periphery in 2023. Without cords, they can be moved around and placed anywhere, even in the center of the room. We’re also gearing up to see wall lights and sconces looking much more sculptural and creative than ever before. 


Trend 14: Bold Stones 

Bold Stones

We’ve been loving natural stones as accents for forever, but we’re about to see them as the main event. First of all, the colors are evolving. Instead of seeing mostly neutral marble and travertine, more prominent shades like red, pink and deep blues and greens are becoming increasingly popular. And where you’ll see them is changing, too. Marble serving trays, tables, backsplashes and even entire accent walls are about to enter our homes. 


Trend 15: Bright Accent Colors

Bright Accent Colors

Bolder colors are definitely in this year, but if you aren’t ready to go for those pink walls yet, we have a solution! A great way to bring in some color to your home in 2023 without going overboard is to follow the accent colors trend. Add in some pops of color in the form of throw pillows, blankets, art, and small decorative items. This could be the time to choose bright colors, as they can be tricky to use in interior design in bigger ways. 


Trend 16: Cyberpunk 


The underground digital phenomenon known as Cyberpunk is making its way to the surface and into the world of interior design in 2023. 2022 was the year of NFTs and VR, which gave way for this digital style to become a part of the interiors we’ll see. Prepare yourself for neon colors, futuristic-style furniture, LED lights, reflective materials, matte colors, geometric patterns and bold artwork with neon accents. With the way technology is interwoven throughout our lives today, this trend is no surprise.


Our list is complete, Redecorator! You’ll be way ahead of the curve with interior design knowledge for this year. And as we mentioned, you get to try out every single trend at Redecor!

We can’t wait to see your fantastic, up-to-the-minute designs. And don’t forget to share your favorite designs on our Facebook page. Here’s to a stylish & trendy 2023!

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