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Introducing: Lucky Snaps

15th May 2024

Redecorators, get ready for the newest feature on Redecor – Lucky Snaps 📸 Are you ready to take your shot at winning exciting rewards?

Let’s dive into how this feature works.

What’s Lucky Snaps All About?

Each board includes four photos, with three of them hiding potential rewards. Pick a photo to find a reward and progress onto the next Board! But watch out for the blank photo, you’ll lose all your progress & earned rewards.

Don’t worry if you picked the blank photo, you can try again & make another pick on the Board.

When you make the right pick, your rewards will accumulate at the bottom of the screen, allowing you to always keep track of your winnings! If you feel you’ve tested your luck enough, you have the option to Leave and Collect your rewards at any time.


Lucky Snaps has 2 special types of Boards

The Winning Board: 

Available every fifth board & guarantees a WIN – no blank photos here! Keep an eye out for the yellow flag marking these boards.

Winners’ Board:

This is the FINAL Board with the MOST EXCITING REWARDS up for grabs!

Lucky Snaps won’t always be active in the game, but when it is, you’ll spot it as a widget on the home screen. You can join in on the fun for FREE once a day. Want to play more? You can continue with the exciting by paying an entrance fee in Tokens.

While Lucky Snaps won’t always be active in the game, you can easily spot it as a widget on the home screen when it’s live. And the best part? You can join in the excitement for free once a day. Eager for more?

Coming Soon to All Redecorators:

Are you one of the lucky Redecorators who have the new feature? Don’t worry if you haven’t gained access yet; Lucky Snaps will be available to all Redecorators soon! Stay tuned…

Got Questions?

If you’re curious about the rules of Lucky Snaps, you can always refer to the small “i” icon located at the top left of the screen. For more information about the newest feature, check out our FAQ page!

Get ready to snap up those rewards with Lucky Snaps 🌟

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