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A Redecor First: The Interactive Story Begins

04th Sep 2023

How will the love story end?

Everything you wanted to know about the interactive story!

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For the first time ever on Redecor – an interactive love story is about to take place!

Lucas and Mia have been together for five years. They’re a picture-perfect couple – on the outside. Inside… the cracks are starting to show. In order to decide if they should stay together or not, the two are traveling on a beautiful Mediterranean cruise. Will this shared voyage rejuvenate their relationship? Or will this finally break them? Follow along as this Season unravels their story.

And there’s more – this season, YOU have the power to shape the tale! Here’s the scoop: Each room within the story will feature a rose. The brief will explicitly present the choices at hand, with red indicating one option and white denoting another. By coloring the rose either red or white, you dictate the ensuing events! After you’ve submitted your Design, a pop-up will emerge, revealing the rest of the chapter in line with your choice.

In this blog article, we’ll include the chapter summaries so you can follow the story at any time.

What will you decide? How will the story end?

All aboard the cruise ship! We’re about to set sail.

Here are the chapter dates:

Chapter 1: 6th of September

Lucas tries to grab my hand as we enter our cabin. “Hey”, he says, “Can you at least pretend to have fun? We’re on a trip of a lifetime here.” 

We’d fought the whole way over. Some apology! I nod stiffly, making it look like I’m busy unpacking our bags. I can almost hear him shrug as he says, “I’ll be at the bar.” 

A moment goes by before I see it. Tucked inside his suitcase is a small velvet box from my favorite jeweler. Is…is Lucas going to propose? 

Chapter 2: 10th of September

Friendly as ever, Lucas strikes up a conversation with a wealthy-looking man and his girlfriend – Mathew and Monique. Soon enough, we all move to a fancy restaurant on the shore. 
I wonder if Lucas just doesn’t want to be alone with me. I reach for my drink absentmindedly, but the glass topples over, spilling all over my dress and splashing Monique. Lucas’s eyes flash with anger. 
“I’m sorry, I can’t take her anywhere nice!” he says to Mathew, offering Monique his napkin. 
Fighting back tears, I manage to apologize to Monique, who simply smiles, squeezes my hand reassuringly and says, “Don’t worry about it”. 

Chapter 3: 14th of September

Lucas had organized a picnic for us, overlooking the hot air balloon fair. Although he’d apologized profusely for his harsh words over the last few days, something still doesn’t feel right. I wonder if I would ever be able to forgive him. As we admire the beautiful scenery in complete awkward silence, I catch something in the corner of my eye. When I turn over, Lucas is down on one knee holding the ring box in his hand. “Mia Rebecca Smith,” he says, “Will you marry me?”

Chapter 4: 18th of September

Despite my bruised ego, I get my cell phone out and stare at it. No missed calls, no new messages.
I know I crossed a line with how I reacted during our outing. I can’t get the hurt look on her face out of my mind. But is this it? Is Mia really serious about rejecting my proposal?
I can prove to her that I can change. After all, everyone has their moments, right? It’s this thought that makes me unlock my phone screen and dial her number.

Chapter 5: 22nd of September

Chapter 6: 26th of September

Chapter 7: 29th of September

Chapter 8: 30th of September

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