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A Redecor Fairytale: The Look of Love

01st Feb 2024

Come along this magical journey!

Check out the interactive story of Princess Aria!

Who’s ready for an interactive fairytale?! Prepare to be enchanted by the captivating tale of Princess Aria and Prince Ayden!

Princess Aria is known for her strong spirit, but she’s also a bit of a control freak! When she spots a pesky pimple on Prince Ayden’s nose, she whips out her grandmother’s beauty potion, aiming for a flawless fix. To her surprise, the potion transforms Ayden into a frog! Now, it’s up to you to help Princess Aria undo the spell before the grand ball.

Follow the royal couple this Season as they collect the ingredients, choose how YOU want to continue the story after every one of their Season Pass Designs, and receive an enchanting reward if you can help lift the curse!

In this blog series, we’ll provide chapter summaries so you can catch up on the magical saga as the chapters are released. Will Princess Aria and Prince Ayden find their happily ever after? The answer lies in the upcoming chapters.

The adventure begins now – let the magic unfold!

Here are the chapter dates:

Chapter 1: 2nd of February

Once upon a time in a far away land, lived Princess Aria and her Prince Ayden. The kingdom of Redecorington was bustling with excitement as the royal couple made their way to the seamstress’s workshop to get their outfits for the Grand Ball.

As always, Princess Aria was on a quest for perfection, but to her surprise Ayden had an unwelcome guest on his princely nose – a pesky pimple!

Princess Aria knew just the cure! Her grandmother’s beauty potion. With a gentle touch, she applied the potion. Yet, in a swirl of magical mist, Ayden transformed into a small, green toad!

Can Princess Aria reverse the spell? Design the room to find out!

Chapter 2: 4th of February

Determined to fix her mistake, Princess Aria retreated to her royal chamber, where a mysterious trunk caught her eye.

Upon opening it, she discovered her grandmother’s spell book. Aria flipped through the pages, searching for a cure.

Realizing the task ahead was no easy feat, Aria prepared herself for the challenge to concoct a potion that would transform Prince Ayden back.

Will she craft it in time for the Grand Ball? Keep designing to find out!

Chapter 3: 9th of February

The first ingredient to the potion was a mermaid’s seashell. Luckily, Princess Aria knew just the friend! As they walked into the mermaid’s bath, they were amazed by the beauty of shells that covered the walls.

Unable to reach the treasure on her own, Princess Aria turned to Ayden. Taking on his newfound amphibian form, he leaped gracefully above the bathtub and secured the seashell.

They were one step closer to completing the potion…

Chapter 4: 12th of February

This next ingredient was a puzzling one…
The spell book only mentioned a Midnight Miracle.

They reached the abandoned house where everything bloomed at midnight, but when they got there they faced a dilemma. The only 2 ingredients in the house were mushrooms or flowers. Which did the potion call for?

Ayden croaked out “I know this flower! This is the Midnight Beauty known for its healing properties”. Quietly impressed, Princess Aria
picked the ingredient and kept it safely in her basket.

Is Princess Aria starting to see Ayden in a different light? Keep designing to find out!

Chapter 5: 18th of February

In the midst of my panic, Ayden stepped in and eased my worries.

When he found the feather under the sofa, it was a reminder that together, we could get through any challenge.

Now all that was left, was to brew the potion. Will I get it right?

Chapter 6: 24th of February

Will love triumph? Witness the magical moment as Ayden takes a sip of the cure!

Chapter 7: 26th of February

Love conquers all! Join Princess Aria & Prince Ayden at the Grand Ball.

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