Carmeon Hamilton and Redecor

14th Jul 2022

Redecor wants to highlight the excellence of black designers especially to celebrate Black History Month. We had the lovely honor to interview talented interior designer, Carmeon Hamilton. We’re a super big fans of hers at Redecor!

Every day is an opportunity to love the way you live


Carmeon Hamilton is a Memphis-based interior designer, content creator, and lifestyle blogger spearheading her brand, Nubi Interiors, winner of HGTV’s Design Star: Next Gen and star of HGTV’s Reno My Rental. Her 15 years of experience in multiple facets of the design industry, from public health-care to residential to retail and merchandising, is the foundation of her work in discovering the beauty in all things and helping others find beauty in what surrounds them every day. Her work, story and content around design, business and branding and elevating the everyday are featured and referenced in Architectural Digest, Southern Living, Essence, Domino and more. She’s often asked to share her insights and opinions by way of podcast interviews or panel discussions with major industry associations, such as Popsugar and Ballard Designs. And when she isn’t hosting a workshop on social media management or creating content for Fortune 100 brand partners, she’s doting on her son, Davin, and her jungle of house plants! (SPECIAL NOTE: Carmeon was recently widowed after the passing of her incredible husband, Marcus, who was tragically killed by an intoxicated driver while riding his motorcycle in August 2021).


How did you end up in the design world? What’s one moment, person, or project that marked your career?

I set off to college at the University of Central Arkansas (Conway, AR) to pursue an education in what the school was known for, Physical Therapy. After pressing along for the PT track for 2 years, I became a Resident Assistant, gaining my own, individual dorm room for the first time. It was my first opportunity as a young adult to make the space mine and I totally took on the opportunity as a way to create my own oasis, in spite of the cold hard floor and cinder block walls. After finishing the space, one of my fellow RAs (and now best friend) walked into the room and was blown away by what she saw and ultimately asked me what was I really doing with my life!? She immediately told me that I should check out the university’s interior design program and consider it as a life path instead of wasting away in physical therapy. The very next day, I changed my major and officially became a student of interior design.

How would you describe your decor style and what are some of your biggest inspirations?

Modern. Bohemian. Cultured. Textured. Soulful. I get most of my inspiration from hospitality design. I’m in love with @santamonicaproper right now.

Interior design is so much more than just pretty aesthetics, tell us why you love design?

I believe in elevating the everyday and finding beauty in the now. I always seek to not only discover the beauty in all things but to also help others find that beauty in the things that surround them every day.

Black History Month is important, but what makes it especially important to you, and what would you like our Redecorators to know?

Black History Month usually takes us back to many years past, but there are so many incredible Black individuals making history on a daily basis! Unfortunately, with the news and social media being so in the moment, we easily move past those accomplishments without giving them all of the pomp and circumstance that they deserve. This month is now a time for me to reflect on not only years past, but also yesterday.

How would you celebrate Black History Month in interior design?

Growing up, I knew a bit about my ancestry but not enough to fully connect to it. It wasn’t until my 30s that I became really invested in my Black heritage—and began incorporating it into my design. No matter what your culture is, having a connection to it will deepen the connection to the spaces you’re in and if you feel better in the space you’re in you feel better as a human.

Who are the most influential black women or icons that inspire you to this day?

Oprah, Regina King, Myleik Teele, Tabitha Brown, Nedra Glover Tawwab, Luvvie Ajayi Jones and my best friends: M.D. Matlock, Shavonda Gardner, Dawn Bradley, Kim Thomas, Quaneshia Farris, Samilia Colar, Quita Tate and Regi Stevenson.

Who are your favorite black interior designers that the Redecor community should know about?

There are many! Shavonda Gardner, Alvin Wayne, David Quareles IV, Quita Tate, Nicole White, Erika Ward, Justin Q. Williams, Forbes & Masters, Eneia White, Tiffany Brookes, Keia McSwain, Kiyonda Powell, Quintel Gwinn, Bridgette Romanek, Justina Blakeney, Ariene Bethea.

So our Redecorators will get the exciting opportunity to decorate rooms that you have chosen for them – what’s a piece of advice you’d like to give them when redecorating?

Design and decorating should be all about personalization and expressing who you are and what you love! Don’t worry about trends or popular colors. Focus on how you want your space to feel and what you want it to say about YOU!

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