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Design Your Own Evergreen Home: Sustainable Tips for a Timeless Aesthetic

03rd Apr 2023

Create the most beautiful Evergreen designs with these pro tips!

Spring is the perfect time to have a fresher outlook on our lives (and homes!).
Join us on Redecor as we celebrate nature and design with incredible materials and rooms. From sustainable furniture and natural materials to fresh color palettes and inspiring design tips, we're here to help you create a home that reflects your unique style and values. Let's embrace the spirit of Evergreen and start designing!

Absolutely! At Redecor, we’re passionate about creating spaces that not only look beautiful but also stay beautiful for generations to come. That’s why we believe in incorporating Evergreen designs into our homes. These are designs that are not just trendy or fashionable for the moment but will remain relevant and appealing for years on end. With Evergreen designs, you can create a space that’s both stylish and sustainable. Our expert designers are here to help you incorporate these timeless designs into your home, using sustainable materials and practices. So join us in embracing Evergreen designs and create a home that will be both beautiful and relevant for years to come!

What is the Evergreen design style?

“Evergreen design” is a term that refers to a timeless and classic approach to design that transcends trends and fads. The concept of Evergreen design draws on elements that have stood the test of time and remain relevant and beautiful, even years or decades later. This includes clean lines, neutral colors, and natural materials that create a sense of harmony and balance in a space. From furniture and textiles to lighting and accessories, Evergreen design seeks to create a lasting aesthetic that will remain fresh and stylish for years to come. In addition, Evergreen design often incorporates sustainable and eco-friendly choices, making it a smart and responsible choice for those who value both style and the environment.

Tip 1: Use Natural Materials


Incorporating natural materials into your home design can help reduce your environmental impact and create a more sustainable living space. Consider using natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, or hemp for curtains, upholstery, and bedding. Natural materials such as stone, clay, or wood can be a beautiful addition to any home design – but they are not always ethically sourced. You can make sure to use sustainable versions of these materials such as FSC-certified wood or stone that has been salvaged or reclaimed. Additionally, some natural materials add a stunning touch while having a low environmental impact, such as bamboo or cork.

Our designers have chosen natural fabrics for this Season Pass materials. See how the Pouffe, with its slight unevenness, adds beautiful texture into the room. The fabric chosen for the Wild Flowers Textiles is a natural cotton to tie in with the theme. The background wallpaper is a homage to intricate designs created with deep mahogany wood – without the need to cut down a tree!


Tip 2: Design for Adaptability

Designing for adaptability means designing a home that can be easily modified or adapted to changing needs. This can include incorporating flexible spaces that can be used for multiple purposes or designing your home in a way that allows for easy renovation. By designing for adaptability, you can extend the life of your home and reduce waste. For us Redecorators, this could mean opting for a more neutral color scheme in our walls and floors, using decorations to bring in the color! 

The Redecor designers chose a grey background with a classic dark wood floor, but brought the color in with a popping Monstera pillow. The Aurora Wall Art brings a timeless light into the scene. As you can see, the Panel Playground Ties in perfectly with the wooden floors – now that’s what we call a match made in heaven!

Tip 3: Window, Window, and Window

Natural lighting is everything in the Evergreen style! 

Windows add an airy feeling to any room, but more importantly, are extremely functional.

Designing your home for natural ventilation can significantly reduce your energy consumption and improve indoor air quality. 

On top of giving any room some much-needed light and fresh air, windows can have an effect on how much electricity your clients will use inside the home. Optimizing solar orientation means designing your home in a way that maximizes the amount of sunlight it receives. For us Redecorators can translate into using bigger windows and see-through curtains.

In this daring example, our designers wanted to show how a touch of maximalism can work hand in hand with such a classic design style. The Snipped of Nature Wallpaper is a dream of leaves, browns, and greens. Usually, designers go for a relatively plain tile in a busy bathroom to tone down the design, but not here! The Greyscale Tile is just another elegant touch that doesn’t need to be low-key in order to let the other items in the room shine. The Organic Flow rug, with all its beautiful texture, responds to the pattern in the wallpaper and completes the room.

Tip 4: Plants and a Stunning Touch

We’re going nature-themed this Season! What could be more timeless than some beautiful green decorations? If you’re not a fan of watering plants, you can use some beautiful plant-inspired prints to bring nature inside.

Notice how our designers chose a beautiful greyish Wall (Textured Mint) and wooden tones for the floorings, but added color through the terracotta ceramics, plants, and Moss rug. The Wall Art, Painted Leaf, ties the whole room together with that much-needed added touch of pale green. Picture perfect!

This Season is going to be one never-ending party! Are you ready to join the Evergreen celebration? Start designing now and make use of all these design tips!


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