Diverse Delights: Christmas Celebrations Around the Globe 

03rd Dec 2023

Get inspired by different Christmas traditions around the world!

Celebrate the Global Christmas event right with all the interesting holiday details!

We wish you a merry Christmas! As our Redecorators come from all over the world, we thought that this would be a great opportunity to showcase some of the different traditions that follow the holiday season in different places. From specific meals to festive colors – we can feel the holiday spirit from around the globe!  

Christmas in South Africa: 

In South Africa, Christmas often involves a festive outdoor barbecue, known as a “braai.” Families gather around the grill, enjoying a variety of meats and traditional side dishes in the warm summer weather. 

Celebrated during the Southern Hemisphere’s summer, South Africans often spend Christmas day outdoors, enjoying activities like picnics and beach outings. It’s a unique twist on the traditional winter festivities. 

In South Africa, Christmas decor often incorporates vibrant and earthy colors to complement the warm climate. Think reds, greens, and golds, combined with natural elements like woven baskets and indigenous flowers for a festive yet local touch. 

a picture of cookie dough with the shape of south africa cut up inside it, for christmas

Christmas in Japan: 

A quirky but popular tradition in Japan involves indulging in a Christmas Eve feast of fried chicken. Many Japanese families pre-order their fried chicken meals, creating long queues outside food outlets. 

Another great way to celebrate Christmas in Japan is to throw amazing light shows! Japan dazzles with spectacular illuminations and light displays during the Christmas season. Cities like Tokyo and Osaka come alive with colorful lights, creating a magical atmosphere. 

Japanese Christmas decor often incorporates minimalist and modern elements. Small, intricate ornaments and delicate paper decorations, such as origami stars, add a touch of elegance to homes during the festive season. 

a christmas light show on a street in japan

Christmas in Australia: 

In Australia, Christmas falls during the summer, making it common for families to spend the day at the beach. Beach picnics, barbecues, and surfing Santa events are popular ways to celebrate. 

A second staple is Carols by Candlelight. Australians gather in parks and public spaces for outdoor “Carols by Candlelight” events. These community gatherings feature singing Christmas carols by candlelight, creating a festive and communal atmosphere. 

Australian Christmas decor often embraces a coastal theme. Picture Santa wearing flip-flops! Whites and blues dominate, with seashells, driftwood, and beach-inspired ornaments adorning homes. The goal is to create a breezy and relaxed ambiance. 

two snow men made out of sand on the beach with santa hats

Christmas in Finland:

In Finland, Christmas is a magical affair marked by enchanting traditions and cozy aesthetics. One beloved custom is the “Joulupukki,” the Finnish version of Santa Claus, who often makes surprise visits to homes, spreading cheer with gifts and good wishes.

Who’s ready for a warm Christmas sauna?! Another cherished tradition is the “Joulusauna,” a Christmas Eve sauna bath that signifies purification and relaxation before the festive celebrations.

Finns also take pride in their stunning local Christmas markets, where locals and visitors alike can find handmade crafts, festive treats, and seasonal decorations.

In terms of interior design, Finnish Christmas decor often incorporates natural elements like evergreen branches, candles, and locally crafted ornaments, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that complements the wintry landscapes outside. The use of traditional textiles, such as wool and felt, adds a touch of authenticity to the festive ambiance, making Finnish homes truly radiant during the holiday season. 

a snow man wearing gloves, scarf and a santa hat over the sunset

Christmas in the USA: 

The National Christmas Tree, a sizable evergreen situated in the northeast quadrant of the Ellipse close to the White House in Washington, D.C., has been adorned as a Christmas tree annually since 1923. TREEmendous! 

The “Elf on the Shelf” tradition involves families adopting a scout elf who monitors children’s behavior in the days leading up to Christmas. The elf moves around the house each night, creating excitement for the little ones. 

In the USA, Christmas decor varies by region. Traditional red and green themes are common, but some regions embrace a more rustic or farmhouse style with plaid patterns, wooden accents, and cozy textures for a classic American Christmas feel. 

a bright house with christmas lights at night

In a harmonious symphony of diverse traditions, Christmas celebrations around the world weave a tapestry of joy, reflecting the unique cultural flavors of each nation. From the sizzling barbecues of South Africa to the twinkling illuminations of Japan, the sun-soaked beach festivities of Australia to the Christmas saunas of Finland and elfish mischief in the United States, the magic of Christmas transcends borders. As we embrace the rich tapestry of global celebrations, let these traditions inspire us to create our own festive symphony, celebrating the warmth of togetherness, the beauty of diversity, and the universal spirit of joy that unites us all during this enchanting season. 

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