Lesson 3

07th Sep 2022


“Let there be LIGHT!”
Indeed, lighting is extremely important in home decor. Since light sets the whole mood of the room, How you experience a space relies largely on how the light is set up. Let's dive in!

Welcome back, Redecorators! 

According to the bible, the world as we know it started with the words, “Let there be LIGHT!”  Indeed, lighting is extremely important in home decor.
How you experience a space relies largely on how the light is set up. A well-designed space will consist of three basic types of lighting, mixed together – ambient, task and accent lighting.

Since light sets the whole mood of the room, it makes sense to think about the lighting you use carefully according to the purpose of the room and what it’ll be used most for. 

Here are some of the basic terms when it comes to lighting:

Task lighting
Meant for work areas where catching small details without strain is a must! Under cabinet lighting and pendant lights are great examples of beautiful additions that help create a clearer view in the room. This type of lighting is recommended for kitchens, craft rooms and home offices. 

Accent lighting
Some designers add lighting to accentuate a certain design feature of the home, like smaller light fixtures showcasing beautiful wooden beams or a light shining in on a focal point painting. These accent lights are meant to draw the eye exactly where you want it.

Ambient lighting (also known as general lighting)
This type of light is meant to be efficient and cost-effective while lighting up the entire room. Practical doesn’t mean it has to downgrade the space! Light can add a beautiful shape via nice lamp shades or light fixtures. 

You’ll be surprised, but many clients have firm opinions on lighting. Our experience shows that clients prefer ambient lighting in bedrooms and spa-inspired bathrooms to help create a cozy and relaxing space, while preferring brighter light fixtures in kitchens for example.
Regular bathrooms, however, often benefit from general lighting. That’s part of why the theme you choose is so important.

Today’s task: 

Use soft and warm lighting to create an inviting and restful atmosphere in a special reading corner. Notice how the lights play off of the patterns and colors you chose to incorporate in the room.
Take into consideration the debate between cool vs warm light inside the room.

For example, a relaxing reading corner needs soft and warm light, but you still need enough light so you can read. Always think about what the purpose of each room is before picking out the lighting fixtures and what kind of light it will need to be useful to its owners.


Go to see different places – homes, restaurants, shops, museums, etc. What kind of lighting do those places have? Does the light feel too dark or too bright somewhere?​ Play with a table lamp or a flashlight and rotate it in different directions – how does the mood change?

Keep track of what makes a “good light experience” for you and what falls short.

Practice makes perfect: 

Practice today’s lesson on the Season Pass challenge, “Lesson 3”, going live on September 8th at 9:00 PM UTC 

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