Celebrate the Earth with stunning eco-friendly designs on Redecor! Our newest Season is dedicated to our delicate Planet and all its joys and beauty. The most fitting design aesthetic to honor our precious Earth is, of course, Scandi designs! Scandinavian designs are known for their clean aesthetic, one that incorporates many soothing and tranquil natural elements.

This Season we’re going to embrace earthy tones, wooden design features and sleek lines! Natural and modern elements are going to be blended together in the beautiful Scandinavian style.

Gorgeous design things are waiting for you this Season! Think you can Redecorate them to perfection? Join us and create the most stunning Scandinavian designs!

What is Scandinavian design about?

Scandinavian designs refer to the classical 1950s design style that was dominant among many Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland). This design movement focused on simplicity and functionality, almost in a minimalistic sort of way. Its sleek lines and modern elements are popular to this day – and for good reason! Have you seen how gorgeous these designs are?

More than pretty, Scandinavian designs are extremely functional. They take into account first and foremost the people living inside the homes, and how the decor serves them throughout the day. This leads to gorgeous decluttered designs, with a lot of open space to enjoy and natural light to soak in. They’re a recipe to heal the soul from the wear and tear of everyday life.

Scandinavian designs create an intimate, private shrine inside the home – your own private oasis to escape to and rest in. Clean, light and airy are the name of the game.

Eco Scandi Living Room

Tip 1 – Natural and Environmental Materials

Scandinavian designs make use of wonderful natural materials, promising to get the best out of every piece in the space. Everything inside the home serves a purpose – even if that purpose is “just” to soothe your soul or remind you of your favorite things.

Rely on nature to be a great source of inspiration for you this Season. If the home-owner you’re designing for loves the beach, use tranquil shades of blue and beige to mimic a muted-toned version of the ocean. If your client is a fervent fan of hiking, use warm browns, beautiful tapestry and pale greens to create the perfect oasis for them. The point is – the planet is our HOME, and we can incorporate this sentiment into our very own homes.

Eco Scandi 1

The Scandi style uses plenty of wooden textures and shades of brown to create an earthy feeling. Wood is a wonderful substitute for many cheap plastic design options that get thrown away without being recycled. Wood, however, can be easily DIYed and changed to suit different rooms, different owners, and different tastes.

Tip 2 – Eliminate Clutter

“Is it necessary” and “does it make you happy” are two vital questions you’re going to be asking yourself a LOT this Season. Sorry, maximalist Redecorators, this Season is taking a turn towards minimalism! Of course, we aren’t talking about bare walls and white-everything, like some minimalistic designs. Scandinavian designs allow for a great deal of personality to shine through in colors and fun patterns, but they do favor the more muted palette that isn’t too busy on the eye.

A big rule in Scandi designs is to create a relaxed background, one that doesn’t clash too much with the rest of the design in the room (i.e. furniture, wall art, textiles). Things have to match and complement each other, tying into a cohesive theme at first glance.

The few decor items you will be using have to fit in just right and have a special meaning. No wall-art is “just there” – this style speaks to a deeper place in the soul than a simple “it looks pretty”. This Season each and every room is meant to bring comfort to your client, in every different layer of design. If you have a throw – make sure it does its part in adding coziness and warmth to the room. If you have a sofa, make it as inviting and cuddle-worthy as possible. Think of the people coming home to these designs.

With so little stuff in the physical sense of the word, every little thing has to play its role dutifully, when it comes to both design and comfort.

Tip 3 – Plants, Pots and POPS of Color

Botanical inspiration, here we come!

Plants are just another great aspect of this unique design style. Plants have a way of healing the soul. Different cultures hold spiritual beliefs that plants can have healing and purifying qualities just by being there. Regardless of these theories, purely from a design aesthetic perspective, plants most definitely are a lovely touch to any home.

Potted plants are a great way to add some color to the inside of the home as well when it’s low on decor options! Not only do the plants themselves matter, but the pots that carry them can be just as unique and beautiful.Eco Scandi 3

Handmade bowls and pots go wonderfully with the Scandinavian style, known for how well it treasures the objects in the designs with every piece carefully chosen to fit the grand scheme. The brown shades of ceramics are gorgeous and fit right into the general color palette used in Scandi designs. We’re talking quality over quantity this Season – with so few design elements, it’s completely fine to splurge for ones that really make your design feel special.

Pops of tranquil colors are encouraged through Wall Art and Textiles! Greens and blues are a nice break from the whites, browns and beige shades that rule Scandi designs, and can really elevate the entire design.

Tip 4 – Keep It Modern, Keep It Light

Open spaces and lots of natural light are going to be a big part of this Season. Natural light not only lifts the heart and softens the atmosphere in the room – it’s also electricity efficient and eco-friendly. Special glass windows that are heat and cold-proof help regulate the temperature on hot days so that you can keep enjoying the sun during any weather.

Try to create a mellow and cozy atmosphere in the rooms you design this Season, with soft tones, warm textiles – and soft lighting, of course! How you choose to light the space can have a huge effect on the overall mood. A lot of the time, when people talk about “finishing touches”, that is exactly one of the small details they’re referring to.

Expect to see a myriad of modern elements, with lots of sleek lines in furniture and clever metal accents. These features will undoubtedly be paired with brown earthy tones and wooden textures to create the cozy feeling of home in every single room.

Tip 5 – Color Palette 

The general Scandi color scheme lends itself to neutrals such as beige and white, with gorgeous shades of earthy tones from terracotta to sandy beaches as inspiration. But that doesn’t mean it’s devoid of color! An array of green, blue, and even warm blush can be found for those Redecorators with a sharp eye! Put that artistic mind to good use as you mix and match materials this Season, looking for the right combination to make your rooms gorgeous!

Scandinavian designs don’t have to be “bare” as some people tend to think of them – they’re filled with warmth and thought, they’re meant to be comforting and cozy, creating a true place to relax in. Make sure your Scandi design reflects who you are and what you’d love to see in a welcoming home!

Use this month to expand your design repertoire with Eco Scandinavian-inspired rooms, filled with all the love we have for our Earth and its people! Design beautiful, nature-filled homes on Redecor this Season.