Trendy Summer & Spring Nails: Bright Designs & Ideas

11th May 2024

Spring is here, and summer is around the corner which means it’s time to embrace the warmth, sunshine, and of course, fabulous nails! Whether you’re sipping iced coffee by the pool, attending a garden party, or simply want to have some fashionable fun, read on for great nail inspiration. From chrome to bold colors or pastels, we’re going to explore the hottest trends for summer & spring nails. 

The weather is finally nice outside which is a welcome change! Spring is all about fresh beginnings, and nothing captures this essence quite like the soft hues of pastel colors. One amazing such color is the soft and calming lavender. For a refreshing color consider mint green, and if you’re feeling like you want something more delicate and dreamy, consider powder blue.  

The ring finger is typically what people choose to be the ‘standout nail,’ but go for whatever you like best! Some of our favorite nail design additions are flowers, leaves, constellations, and fruits. For another cool nail inspiration, consider going abstract: let your creativity flow in any direction with geometric shapes and funky lines

Don’t shy away from being daring! Here are only a few of the many ways to make your summer nails pop: 

– Opt for a bright base color, like sunny yellow or coral – perfect for summer and spring nails  

– Bold Red: Elevate your nail game with scarlet red nails. Complement the fiery shade with glistening gold or go for a more traditional yet equally striking chic black accent. 

– Metallic Accents: Add a touch of glam to your manicure by incorporating metallic accents – the contrast between matte and shiny will make your nails stand out! Metallic French tips are one of the hottest trends of the year; try out rose gold or silver for a modern twist.

Nails are a fun way to express your style. Think of ourSummer Nails’ Design challenge as your blank canvas where you can roll up your sleeves and try out different ideas before heading to the nail salon. Remember, the key is to have fun 



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