A Mediterranean Dream: Top 5 Tips for Inspiring Mediterranean Designs

04th Sep 2023

Get inspired!

Learn everything you can about the beautiful design style of the Mediterranean.

a design of a greek kitchen with yellow and blue tones

The charm of Mediterranean interior design, with its vibrant colors, rustic textures, and warm ambiance, has captivated people for centuries. Despite the Mediterranean encompassing a wide array of countries, each with its own unique design style, we’ll be focusing on Spain, Algeria, Greece, and Italy this Season. These are the stops of this Season’s exciting cruise adventure, where Mia and Lucas, our main characters, will try to work on their turbulent relationship.

Here are the best tips & Designs our team has come up with to inspire you to create stunning Mediterranean Designs!

1. Embrace Earthy Color Palettes

The Mediterranean interior design generally draws inspiration from the region’s natural surroundings, and a key aspect of this is the use of earthy color palettes. Warm terracottas, sandy beiges, and sun-soaked yellows dominate the scene. Deep blues, mirroring the ocean’s hue, also play a significant role. Incorporate these colors into your walls, furniture, and decor items to create a welcoming and cozy atmosphere reminiscent of the Mediterranean coastline.

Here’s a stunning example:

The different shades of earthy tones fit in so well together in this beautiful patio. The sandy stone tiles complement the nautical-themed ceramics of the fountain which also pay homage to the terracotta tiles on the walls. The same terracotta and light beige theme continues through the rug and stylish lemon-tree planter. We can’t forget the beach though, can we? The soft blue pillow is the perfect nod to the ocean’s foamy wave, tying in with the blue in the vivid title background of the accent wall. In one word: captivating!

an outdoor area with beautiful tiles and warm tones

2. Rustic Elegance with Natural Materials

Authentic Mediterranean interiors often showcase rustic elegance through the use of natural materials. Think about incorporating elements like wooden ceiling beams, stone or tile flooring, and clay pottery. Terracotta tiles are a classic choice, reflecting the rich history of the region. These materials not only bring a touch of history but also contribute to a sense of timeless beauty that characterizes Mediterranean design.

Here’s how our talented artists showcased this principle! Since the Mediterranean is such a hot environment, tiled floors are not only an aesthetical choice but also one that’s cooler to step on than carpets. The specific tiles chosen here are a light color that doesn’t clash with any of the other pieces in the room, which are what gives this Design its unique splashes of color. In fact, the tiles have a similar color to the wooden pieces chosen here, such as the bed frame and the chair, which is what helps tie the room together harmoniously while using natural materials. The light cotton drapings are another great choice to help the room feel open and airy, but still stylish.

a nautical inspired Greek design bedroom

3. Use Design Elements to Tell a Story

Mediterranean design thrives on a curated mix of decor items that tell a story. Incorporate decor pieces that reflect the cultural heritage of the region, such as hand-painted ceramics, mosaic-topped tables, and wrought-iron accents. Consider displaying pottery, artwork, and textiles from the country you’re designing in to infuse your space with authenticity and character. The key is to strike a balance between simplicity and intricacy, allowing each piece to stand out.

Now here’s a room with character! This Design tells a beautiful story of where you’re staying with ease. Some of the ways this Design does so is through the art piece chosen here, which has important cultural elements like the known flamingo dance, and ethnic patterns of the textiles used. In different places around the world, patterns in fabrics were often used to tell stories, which is part of what makes them so unique to each culture. Even the wooden frame for the patio door is a rich dark brown, corresponding with the warm tones of the rest of the Design.

a spanish room design

4. Vibrant Patterns and Textiles

Touches of bold and vibrant patterns are a hallmark of Mediterranean interior design. We’re not suggesting you overdo it with an explosion of colors – just enough to add a lively touch to the space. Look for textiles with intricate designs, geometric patterns, and nature-inspired motifs. From textiles like throw pillows and curtains to area rugs and upholstered furniture, these patterns can inject energy and personality into your decor. Just remember to choose patterns that complement each other to maintain a harmonious visual balance.

Here’s a great example! This Design is fun and colorful, while also being light and airy. The different shades of blue and yellow complement each other without overpowering the space. Part of this is the clever use of the neutral background that allows those fun pops of color to shine through. Notice how the different patterns on the vases and tiles don’t clash! This is layering done right. The result is a modern and playful kitchen with clear Mediterranean influences. Incredible!

a design of a greek kitchen with yellow and blue tones

5. Cultural Design Inspiration

The design styles of Spain, Algeria, Greece, and Italy each evoke a unique blend of cultural heritage and geographical influences. Here’s a bit more info about each country to keep in mind when designing!

Spain’s design is marked by vibrant colors, intricate tiles, and ornate ironwork, reflecting its Moorish and Mediterranean history. Algeria’s style, on the other hand, embraces rich textiles, intricate geometric patterns, and lustrous metalwork, mirroring its North African and Middle Eastern roots. Greece’s design is characterized by whitewashed simplicity, blue accents, and a connection to the sea, embodying the relaxed elegance of Mediterranean island living. Meanwhile, Italy’s design showcases timeless elegance, incorporating opulent furnishings, classic architectural details, and a harmonious blend of ancient and Renaissance aesthetics, all rooted in the country’s deep artistic legacy.

The archway in this room is a classic Mediterranean influence, as well as the miniature olive tree. These are easy interior design signs to help you spot that you’re in the Mediterranean region! Another great aspect of this Design is the beautiful wallpaper, which brings the historical Mediterranean influences to modern times with its neutral tones and interesting textures.

3D image of an archway living room

Bringing the essence of Spain, Algeria, Greece, and Italy into your Designs through Mediterranean interior design is a journey that embraces warmth, history and a deep appreciation for life’s simple pleasures. By embracing these tips, you can transform any space into a haven that reflects the timelessness of the Mediterranean lifestyle.

So, let the Mediterranean sun, sea, and culture guide your design choices as you create an inviting and captivating interior that captures the heart of these stunning regions. Try your hand at this wonderful design style and create fabulous Designs this Season!

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