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All About Santa’s Hidden Things!

01st Dec 2023

Help Santa save Christmas in time!

Everything you need to know about this Season's newest adventure!

a picture of santa next to a christmas tree reading a list

Santa can’t go around spreading holiday cheer without his most important belongings! Someone has stolen Santa’s most prized possessions and hidden them in different Season Pass scenes throughout the month. Will you help Santa retrieve all of his things in time for Christmas Eve?

If you find all 6 Items, you’ll receive the new “Magical Scenery” Wall Art!

Here are some questions you may have about the Season Pass story, already answered!

Will Santa’s things be hiding or waiting for me in plain sight?

Santa’s things will be waiting in plain sight! You won’t have to use a special color to unveil them. As long as you submit the Design with Santa’s belongings in it, it will count towards your tally.

How do I know when Santa’s belongings will be live in a Season Pass Design?

You can follow the Redecor Facebook Group, where we’ll be asking if our Redecorators managed to find whatever it is that was hiding each time it’s live.

What happens if I don’t find ALL 6 of Santa’s belongings?

Unfortunately, you have to find all 6 items to get your reward.

What’s the reward you get if you find all 6 items?

The new “Magical Scenery” Wall Art!

a framed picture of a snowy house

Show your Christmas spirit and help Santa out! We’re sure you’re going to be able to save Christmas in time. After all, our Redecorators have a keener design vision than anyone!






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