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What’s New This Cozy Cabin Season?

02nd Nov 2023

Everything waiting for you this Season!

Here's a list of all the exciting events just waiting to happen this Season! Check it out now!

picture of a cozy cabin bedroom with two single beds

Get ready to FALL in love! This weather calls for some cozy fun in our mountainside cabin – and we’re taking you along! Get ready for a beautiful Season full of all the best things a cozy cabin has to offer. Let’s dive in to the exciting events waiting for you this Season!

First up is the Community Weekend! This weekend is all about the Redecor Community, getting to know each other and bonding. Unique Designs will be waiting for you in the app, so stay tuned!

Next we’ll be celebrating Fulfillment Days. Finding true fulfillment in what you choose to do is beyond important! Staying true to you and following your heart can be tough but so rewarding. You can expect many special Designs centering about this theme!

It’s the weekend again, and you know what that means?! Another Cozy Weekend! This weekend is all about games. Who’s ready to have a little sleepover fun?!

Following the Games Weekend, we’ll have Recycle Days, where we can learn more about taking care of the environment through sustainable design options. We’re here for it!

Time for a new Cozy Weekened – and this time it’s for foodies! Special snacks and food scenes will be waiting. Yum!

Come celebrate Thanksgiving with us! You’re in for a treat – we’re talking about scenes that will put the pumpkin on its head. Join us in celebrating everything we’re thankful for about design!

Last but not least, we have another Cozy Weekend – fashion edition! Clothes make the man, and this sleepover is in need of a runway show! Don’t miss out on all the cool fashion Designs waiting for you.

Such a busy Season! Hope you have a great time with all these great activities and themes we’ve prepared. See you there and have a great time designing!

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