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All About Time Travel: Find the Time Machine Pieces & Win Big

06th Jul 2023

Find all the pieces to the time machine and save the semester!

Professor Brian needs your help! In order to learn about the past, you must experience it first...

Time in space. 3d rendering illustration

Ready to time travel?

Professor Brian has a secret that he’s confided in you, his favorite student: he inherited a time machine from his grandfather! While having a beautiful exterior, the internal mechanics of the time machine had rusted. Help Professor Brian save the semester by collecting the new pieces! They’ll be hiding in random Season Pass Designs throughout the Season. By completing these Designs, you’ll collect the pieces – all the way to the perfect time machine!

If you can find 7 pieces, you’ll get a special prize: 20,000 Coins and a beautiful Limited Edition Item – the Glamorous Gramophone!

How many time machine pieces will be hiding overall?

There will be 10 pieces hiding inside Season Pass Designs throughout the entire month – you need to collect 7 of these pieces to win the prize!

How do you collect the time machine pieces?

By completing the specific Season Pass Designs in which the pieces are hiding.

How do you know which Designs hold a hidden piece?

There’s no way of knowing! The Designs have been randomly selected. Design as much as you can to make sure you don’t miss out!

What’s the prize?

For 7 pieces, you’ll receive: 20,000 Coins and a beautiful Limited Edition Item – the Glamorous Gramophone!


Have any more questions about this awesome journey? Our support team would love to help! Reach them here and ask away!

We hope you have a great time designing through history, Time Traveler! 


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