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Ready to Travel Through Time?

03rd Jul 2023

Everything that's going to happen during the newest Season, Decades of Design!

Check out all the exciting events and special days that are going to be waiting for you throughout the month.

The background image for the newest Season, decades of design, by redecor

Let’s travel back in time, Redecorators! 

History has a huge impact on how we design today. That’s why we’re learning all about the iconic decades of design, from the roaring 20s to the nostalgic 90s, we have it all. Join your professor, Brian, for a once-in-a-lifetime semester deep into the secrets of the past.

We have an exciting Season planned for you! Here is everything that’s going to happen:

Celebrate the 4th of July with Redecor! The special Designs of that day will feature insight into how holidays were celebrated in the past and the design elements that were commonly used during those periods.

Gear up, Time Travelers, and join us for a wild Treasure Hunt! Design the exterior of a beautiful time machine to help immerse yourselves in the past. But, alas, the pieces of the time machine are rusty and need replacing before the semester ends. The pieces themselves will be hiding inside Season Pass Designs throughout the Season. If you can collect all 7 pieces, you’ll get 20,000 Coins and a beautiful Limited Edition Item. Incredible! 

Next, we’ll welcome International Truth Day, where you’ll have gorgeous Designs reminding you to always follow your truth.

We’ll have a ball with Decades of Music. Professor Brian decided he wants the entire class to become closer to one another – and what better way than a disco-themed party?! Get ready to sparkle and dazzle your fellow Redecorators with incredible Designs. You’ll also have a few mystery clients – let’s see if you can guess the famous performers and bands hiding behind these rooms…

Get ready to Drag It Out for International Drag Day! Colorful, fun, and imaginative Designs will be waiting for you on a day you won’t want to miss.

Our Redecorators are extremely fashion-forward, but how about looking back at fashion history? Get ready to try your hand at designing incredible vintage clothes during Redecor’s Fashion Flashback! Each decade will have its own beautiful and iconic Design. We can’t wait!

Skip ahead in time to Gorgeous Grandmother’s Day, where we’ll be paying respects to the coolest matriarchs of all time – our grandmothers!

Celebrate Academy Days with a chance to revisit the course materials and try your hand once more at creating iconic Designs for each decade.

Follow us right into Friendship Day where we’ll be celebrating some of the most important people in our lives – our friends! 

As you can see, Redecorators, it’s going to be a wonderful Season brimming with excitement and events. We hope you’ll stay tuned and enjoy all the special days we have planned for you alongside Brian! Have a great semester! 

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