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Design Blitz: A New Way to Design!

08th Jan 2024

Discover a NEW way to design!

The Design Blitz is here! Learn all about it.

Who’s ready for an exciting new feature?! “Design Blitz” is sure to up your game and make it more exciting than ever! Go head to head with other designers, trying to create a Design that’s beautiful – in under 3 minutes! The winners will get fabulous rewards. Want to hear more? Let’s dive into the breakdown of this incredible new feature. 


When the Design Blitz feature is live, it’ll be waiting for you under the “Live” tab. It will be clearly marked under the title and its signature blue-colored frame. Each Design in this feature will be available for only 3 minutes – so you better decide quickly if you want in!  

an example of how the deisgn blitz looks like inside the redecor game


To design in this feature, you’ll pay an entrance fee of Coins – but then, inside the Design, the materials from your inventory are free for an unlimited amount of uses! This doesn’t include unlocks, as they aren’t already part of your inventory, but you are welcome to unlock items inside the Design according to their usual Token price.  

You can enter the Design at any time while it’s live, and from that moment you will have 3 minutes to design. A timer will show up on the top left corner of your Design, reminding you of the time constraints. 

Once you hit submit, your Design will go into voting immediately against other Redecorators who have designed the same Design Blitz room. The voting happens immediately after submitting, and you will be asked to vote for all the others in the group (but you can’t vote for your own Design!). The first 5 places win rewards and their Designs will count towards their XP and Designer Status, while places 5 to 10 don’t receive a participation reward.  

If you’re curious about the rules of the Design Blitz mode, you can check them out in the small “i” icon on the top left of the Design Blitz page. Are you one of the lucky Redecorators who have the new feature? If not, stay tuned – it will soon be open to everyone!

Do you have any more questions about the newest feature? Check out our FAQ page! 


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