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Home Harmony Week: Tara & Mercedes Time!

24th Jan 2024

Join the Home Harmony Week!

Meet Tara & Mercedes

Tara's kitchen 3d model

Redecorators, we’ve got company! 

Give a warm harmonious Redecor Welcome to two amazing Content Redecorators – Tara and Mercedes, who will be joining us for a Week of Creations. 

Unleash your creativity, battle it out in design challenges, and savor the flavor of DIY delights. Each day brings a new adventure, from crafting your dream space with tips from these DIY gurus, to redesigning their real home spaces, to duel against them in design challenges and even more fun as we will be learning the art of homemade sushi from Mercedes, and finally all Redecor players will be guests on Tara’s channel, where she will teach us how to create the perfect photo album, in our first ever LIVE workshop! Check out their Instagrams: Mercedes @styleitwithtrix and Tara @the_magnolia_mercantile!

We’re SO excited to have Tara Panasiuk and Mercedes Gonzalez Mayo on Redecor! This best friend duo is here to give all of our Redecorators some beautiful design inspiration. While Tara is known for her gorgeous DIYs, Mercedes is all about mouthwatering home cooking. Will you be able to wow these two with your Designs?! Give it a go! 

woman holding a puppy

This collaboration is definitely not a surprising one – Tara and Mercedes are known for their amazing redecorating skills. Do you think you can take them on?! Tara’s very own homes will be waiting for you to design on Redecor! Let’s see if you can do better than the DIY queens! 

a picture of a woman with flowers and building in the background

Tara and Mercedes have agreed to hold a special interview with the Redecor Team, and we’re so excited! Let’s dive in, Redecorators.

We’re so happy to have you, Tara! Tell us a bit about yourself!  

“I am an occupational therapist turned content creator who loves to show all things DIY, home, easy recipes, seasonal inspiration, etc! I want to bring joy to my community with everything I show and have everyone feel like they can easily replicate my ideas.” 

Happy to have you with us, Mercedes! Tell us about yourself! 

“Hi! I’m Mercedes Gonzalez Mayo, the influencer behind the lifestyle account @styleitwithtrix! I was born and raised in New York and am a proud dog mom and wife!”

Okay, you know we have to ask this. What is your FAVORITE design style? 

Tara said, “I would say my favorite design style is timeless traditional with cozy in mind!” 

Mercedes takes a different approach though! “I love modern and contemporary designed homes!”

Tara, you have such a creative mind! What gives you inspiration to design your beautiful DIYs and centerpieces? 

“I get inspiration for my DIYs in various ways! Sometimes I see a beautiful decor piece in stores and try my hand at recreating in my own version. I also love using Pinterest for inspiration. Getting my creative juices flowing from traveling, window shopping, and magazines are other favorite ways!” 

Mercedes, you have a killer design sense! What gives YOU inspiration? 

“After I got married and moved into my first apartment, I couldn’t wait to start designing it! I fell in love with so many decor pieces but unfortunately, they were way out of my budget. I was inspired to be able to create affordable pieces that mirrored the much more expensive ones that were out of my price range!”

Tara, how did you get into the styling and redecorating world?  

“Ever since my husband and I moved into our home 7 years ago, I was immediately drawn to home design and styling. Taking our house and making it a home, a sanctuary where we feel cozy and happy immediately walking in the door. I love playing with different elements, textures, and beautiful accents to bring spaces together.” 

Mercedes, how about you? 

“I always say if I wasn’t an influencer, I would definitely want to either flip homes or work in the event planning space. I absolutely love anything creative! When planning my wedding I really fell in love with the design process and I felt the same way when building and designing our home!”

Do you have a tip for Redecorators redoing your kitchen?  

From Tara: “When redoing a kitchen my best tip is: think function! We all dream of having large counter spaces to work, plenty of storage, possibly a pantry area, etc. Maximize working with the space you have to give yourself the most functionality that will make working in the kitchen an activity you look forward to. When it comes to decorating I love lighter colors in the kitchen to make it feel bright, as well as good lighting. Pendant light fixtures over a counter and accent lighting under cabinetry make a huge difference!” 

Mercedes replied, “I love a modern and luxe kitchen! I’m open to different finishes but definitely love my white cabinets!”

What makes a design POP for you?  

“Making a design pop for me typically involves color and texture! I gravitate towards a neutral palette and then love to have fun with adding pops of colors (usually blues and greens as they feel earthy), as well as some texture (with throw pillows, blankets, plants, etc) to a space to bring it to life.” 

And Mercedes? 

“I think a pop of color always brings a space to life. I definitely like a neutral space but I think a hint of color even if it’s subtle makes a world of a difference.”


Check out Tara and Mercedes’ Designs under the tag “Home Harmony Week” and let’s get started! Ready, set… DESIGN & DINE! 

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