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Design the Perfect Rustic Industrial Hotel

02nd May 2024

Meet the Smiths - a family with a dream

Submit Designs, collect keys & win a Limited Item!

Meet the Smiths – a family fueled by their love for games and adventure!  

For as long as Sam & Jessica can remember, their dream has been to open a hotel that embodies fun and excitement. Recently, they’ve taken the leap to turn their dream into reality!  

Sam and Jessica envision their space to be adorned in the Rustic Industrial design style, reflecting the vibrant essence of downtown Seattle. Join the dream team & help the Smith Family design their hotel from the ground up!  

This Season, follow along Hotel Decor to master the Rustic Industrial design style! Submit Designs & collect 8 keys throughout the month to win the Vintage Set Limited Item! Throughout the different Season’s Designs, we’ll be sharing valuable information and insights into this unique design style. Make sure to read them before diving into your Designs to truly master it!  

Here are some questions you might have:  

What is Rustic Industrial Design?   

Rustic Industrial design merges the charm of rustic elements with the ruggedness of industrial styles, creating a distinctive aesthetic that blends raw materials with urban flair. This is the essence of the entire Season! Check out our blog post for 5 essential tips to help you master this design style 

How many Season Designs are there?   

There will be a total of 8 Designs released throughout the month! Stay tuned and follow along for each new release.  

Do I need to do anything specific for the Designs?   

Nope! You have complete creative freedom to style the Designs to your liking!  

What if I don’t complete all 8 Designs?   

In order to collect all the keys and win the Vintage Set Limited Item, you’ll need to complete ALL 8 Designs.  

Our support team is available if you have any more questions!  


Get ready to master the design style this Season, claim that prize & make the Smiths’ dream a reality!   

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