Get Duel Codes for Redecor!

29th Nov 2023

Everything you've wanted to know about Redecor!

Here's how to get free Coins, redeem Duel Codes, and more!

Hello, Redecorators! We’re excited to help you bring your A-game to the design world! Let’s dive in to address some of the more burning questions our team has gotten so far. 

What are the Duel Codes?  

Duels are when you get to design a room in a face-off with another Redecorator! Your chances of winning are 50-50 and are entirely up to the voters. You can find your Duel Code every week in your inbox inside the Redecor app and on our social media channels. 

an example of a duel on Redecor with each player designing half of a room, with a t shirt and sunglasses

Can I get free codes? 

Yes! Your Store Bonus is ready to collect every 6 hours. Simply scroll to the bottom of your store in the Redecor app and you’ll find it there. This is your very own Redecor cheat code to make more codes! 

an example of the Redecor store bonus where players can get free codes

You can stay ahead of the game! 

Sign up to the Redecor newsletter to get free gifts, content and important updates about the game before anyone else! Join our social media communities! The Redecor Official Community has lots of interesting events and special gifts and giveaways. 

a picture of a phone with faces next to it

You can also join the Inner Circle! 

Our Inner Circle members (or Insiders, as we like to call them) have signed up to get exclusive content on their Facebook messages. We share all the insider scoops with this tight-knit community of loyal Redecorators!

If you have any questions about these topics or any other ones, you can always contact our Support Team! They’d love to help. Simply log in to your profile on Redecor, click settings, and then support! We also have a great FAQ section here on the site if you’d like to visit it. Here’s the link! 

Now hop on back to Redecor and see what incredible Designs are waiting for you today! 

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