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Everything Planned For Your Moroccan Journey

01st Mar 2024

Pack your bags and get ready for an adventure filled Season!

All the special events are listed here

splash screen for Moroccan Roots

Welcome to Morocco! Get ready for a breathtaking adventure as you journey through Morocco’s bohemian beauty and immerse yourself in vibrant Designs! Let’s explore the exciting adventures awaiting you this Season.

Meet Leila! This Season Pass follows her on a journey across Morocco to uncover a hidden family heirloom inspired by her late grandmother’s letter. Throughout the month, submit Designs, solve riddles and find the heirloom to win the Hamsa Limited Item. Learn more about Leila’s journey here.

We’re kicking things off with this Season with “Cultural Connections,” where you’ll delve into Moroccan heritage and traditions. Connect with your OWN roots and embark on a colorful journey through the rich tapestry of Moroccan culture.

Next, join us for “Women’s Week”, honoring inspiring women through fierce Design challenges. Celebrate Women’s Day with Revlon’s latest release: the Sahara Shades Collection! Embrace your unique strength and style as you Design with these stunning shades. Let’s empower each other to shine bright!

Indulge in “Taste of Morcco! where you’ll discover the the vibrant design styles of Morocco. Come on board the Mystery Express! A diamond necklace has been stolen, and the culprit remains on the train! Let’s see if you can find out who did the crime…

Then, it time to “Spring it on” with fresh Designs blooming at Redecor! Find joy and inspiration in our latest scenes, ready to fuel your creativity.

Join us for “Wild Thing,” featuring stunning animal-inspired Designs. Explore our “Grow a Panda” journey and witness your panda’s transformation from a playful cub to a majestic adult. Plus, we’re partnering with WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature). Every purchase of our Panda Limited Item supports WWF’s efforts to conserve pandas and their habitats. Let’s make a difference together!

Lastly, we’re wrapping up the Season with “Happy Easter”! Get ready for a fun and festive time on Redecor! Hop into the Easter Bunny Tournament, Design your Easter card and enjoy egg-cellent holiday Designs!

As you can see this Season is filled with adventures. Take part in the special events and have a great time as you explore the world of Moroccan Roots!

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