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The Magical Redecor Adventure Begins!

18th Feb 2024

Here's everything you need to know!

Attention Redecorators! 🌟Are you ready for some magic?

Gracinda, the Redecor fairy godmother has hidden magical links across our social media platforms, offering you the chance to win 4 fabulous prizes, including a coveted Limited Item and a 2020 Season Pass Item! Excited? We thought so!

Here’s everything that’s up for grabs:

    1. XP Boost (30 minutes) + 5K Coins
    2. 10K Coins + 20 Tokens
    3. 1 Limited item
    4. 1 2020 Season Pass Item

You can find these magical links hidden across all of our social media accounts. When you spot one, simply click on it, and voilà! You’ll be whisked away to the Redecor game, where your prize awaits.

Ready to embark on this quest? Follow us on all platforms and keep your eyes peeled for those magical links! Here’s where to find us:

📌 Redecor Facebook Page

📌 Redecor Facebook Group

📌 Redecor Instagram

📌 Life at Redecor TikTok

📌 Link to Redecor TikTok

📌 Redecor Youtube

📌 Redecor Pinterest

📌 Redecor Spotify

Want to see if any other Redecorators have already uncovered these magical links? Head over to our Facebook group and join the fun! Share your guesses, findings, and excitement with the group.

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