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Everything You Need to Know About Princess Essentials!

06th Feb 2024

A magical journey is about to begin!

Here's everything you need to know

Dive into a world of enchanting tales this Season with ‘Storybook Magic’ on Redecor! 📚🏰

Redecorators, get ready to unleash your creativity in 6 magical rooms inspired by the most iconic princesses of all time! 🌟

Challenge yourself with the Princess Essentials Designs, each featuring a significant object inspired by our beloved princesses. Submit all Princess Essentials Designs, but keep your focus sharp! After submitting all 6, you’ll be asked to remember which group of objects you saw. You only get ONE attempt to answer the question correctly, and if you do, the grand prize awaits – the exclusive “Whimsical Wheels” Limited Item!

Here are some questions you may have about the rooms, already answered!

Will the objects be hiding or waiting for me in plain sight?

They will be in plain sight! You won’t have to use a special color to unveil them. As long as you submit the Designs, it will count towards your tally.

What happens if I don’t submit ALL 6 Princess Essential Designs?

Unfortunately, you have to submit all 6 items to get to the awaited question.

Where can I find the rooms?

The Princess Essentials Designs can be found under the Live tab.

Our support team is available if you have any more questions! Embark on this enchanting adventure and win that prize!

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