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Redecor Talks with Tia Mowry: Design & Diversity

23rd Feb 2024

Check out what Tia Mowry had to say about Design and Diversity!

The final interview with Redecor is here!

Tia Mowry


As we draw the curtain on our captivating Tia Talks series, we’re thrilled to unveil the grand finale: a chance for Redecor players to step inside Tia’s world, virtually, that is! Now live in the game, you have the incredible opportunity to design Tia’s actual kitchen, living room, and more.

Embrace the homey and cozy vibes as you immerse yourself in the intimate spaces Tia has graciously opened for your creative touch. Share your inspired designs with Tia on Instagram, creating a direct link between your creative expression and the queen herself! Redecor eagerly anticipates discovering which Redecorators shine brightest in this imaginative endeavor.


To enhance the experience, we’ll share this final interview where we explore the influence of Tia’s creativity, style, and commitment to wellness, bringing a unique and inspiring perspective to our interior design game.


Talks with Tia: Unveiling the Layers of Inspiration

Q: Tia, you’re a true inspiration and a remarkable businesswoman with endless drive and business initiatives. What made you this way?


A: I think it was just the way that I was raised. I have parents that were in the army, and what was constantly said to me, and what I did visualize and see, was them always doing their best, and talking about always doing their best, all the way down to the way that they would shine their shoes. I was always impressed at how I would see them, whether it was early in the morning or late at night, I had visions of my mom, making sure that her boots were just really, really nice and shiny. And then her ironing her fatigues and making sure that there were creases in them. It also carried over into how I was raised, meaning they would tell me, even if it’s making up your bed, make up your bed, the best that you can. Doing your best was definitely instilled in us.


Q: Are there specific aspects of black culture, whether in art, music or literature that you find particularly influential and would like to see reflected in Redecor design challenges that our community will create?


A: I think the most inspirational era in black history to me is the Harlem Renaissance era. The music and all things black excellence, was beautiful. I think to incorporate that, tone, textures, colors, elements from nature,into a design space could have extra meaning – whether that’s the wood that is being crafted for a table, or even a side piece. Maybe some certain specific beads, which is a reference to how we express ourselves with our hair, and use certain decor and design, in our hair, with accessories. Using the colors and the elements of our world and our culture, whether that’s from the Bahamas, or Africa, and add that into an idea for a starting place for design, and capture the elements of Africa, and add that to the wall or fabrics on furniture, would be really cool.


Q: Are there any colors or design aesthetics that you find personally meaningful?


A: It depends on what mood I’m in really, or where I am in my life. I travel a lot, so I’m constantly being inspired. I think if I were to say anything about my aesthetic that has been solid, is I love monochromatic and just very calming tones.


Q: Your home is stunning and you have such wonderful sense of style. How did you go about designing your home?


A: As a Mom, practicality, comfort and flow are really important to me. I now think first as a Mom – is this practical and can this make my life easier as ש Mom? Meaning, for example, we have a theater room, and when I am coming up, or thinking about a color or fabric, I have to think about the kids having accidents on the furniture, is this something that can be easily wiped down, cleaned, changed out? Is it comfortable enough for them to fall asleep on take a nap? Is it cozy enough? Designing a house can be very grandiose or not, but at the end of the day, every piece of furniture and every color and photograph in my house has intention and thought behind it.


Q: Speaking of “as a Mom”, we are making fairytale chic season in Redecor, so I was wondering – what’s your kids and your favorite children’s storybook fairy tale, princess, if any, and why?


A: Cairo’s favorite princess is Tiana, from the Princess and the Frog.  Actually, I named Cairo Tiana after the Princess and the Frog, because she was the first black princess that we’ve had, with the whole Disney Experience craze.  After all these years, this is the first, but again, grateful and thankful that we are finally there. I will never forget her her meeting the character Tiana for the first time.  I remember, because she’s too young to know, but I walked up to the princess,  and said “you know, Cairo’s middle name is Tiana because of you.” It’s really cool that Cairo has that story behind her and a book for free, actually.


Q: To round up our first session of Tia Talks – what does unity and diversity mean to you personally?


A: Diversity means everything to me, I’m always using that word. I’m currently looking at schools for my daughter, Cairo,  and what it’s like in the top tier really, choosing the right school for my children is about diversity. Because I understand the power of representation, I understand the power of if you see it you can be it,” I understand the power of community. When I’m thinking about sending my daughter to a school, or even when I think about where to live, community is so important to me.

In regard to Redecor, I think, it’s all about expressing diversity, and not being so narrow minded on just one sort of concept or one sort of point of view. When I think of design, it’s also about supporting African American designers, supporting people who are a part of the community.

So if you are buying something, whether that be a couch or accessories or whatever, think about who has made those things and support them, because the more you support them, then the more they feel supported, and the more they can be seen and heard the more successful they will be.


Tia, you were an absolute delight.

Thank you for Redecoring with us this month.

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