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Everything You Wanted to Know About Boho Beauty Season

01st Aug 2023

Get ready for this Season!

All the special events are waiting for you inside.

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Camila, a regular office worker, has decided she doesn’t want to be unhappy with her life anymore. She quit her job and used her last paycheck to buy tickets to an incredible boho festival. There, she plans on taking the time to get to know herself and figure out what path she wants to take from here on out. Join her on a boho-infused journey to self-discovery!

The first event happening this Season is the vibrant Coloring Book Day. Enjoy a variety of beautiful scenes that encourage mindfulness and tranquility through the art of coloring.

The festival will then focus on Days of Happiness, with workshops around what it means to be happy and how you (and Camila!) can help yourselves choose happiness in different areas of your life. The amazing scenes for these days will follow both the workshop and the ways Camila is planning on choosing her own happiness moving forward.

To celebrate Youth Day, the festival will zero in on Forever Young, two days dedicated to childhood and siblings. Design for your inner child, get acquainted with them, and let your creativity soar!

Ready to start the Journey to Inner Peace? These 3 days will focus on relaxation, self-care and self-love. Each day you’ll have at least one activity recommended by Camila and the festival staff to help you unwind and choose to take care of the most important person in your life – YOU!

Let’s start the photography workshop! The workshop will start with Black Cat Day, inviting you to take pictures of your pets and share them on the Redecor social media channels. You’ll follow the different scenes in the workshop, from developing polaroids to choosing beautiful picture frames for your favorite memorites. Next, the workshop will focus on selfies, learning to love what you see in the mirror and finding the angles to help you love you.

Join us for Women’s Equality Day, where you’ll have rooms inspired by incredible known women, and you’ll have to guess the mystery clients behind the Designs!

As Camila concludes her time at the festival, you’ll be tasked with redecorating her home the boho way! Bring Boho Home with incredible Designs of Camila’s apartment.

Take that first step towards rediscovering yourself with the most incredible festival around! Camila will be very lucky to have you by her side this Season.

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