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02nd May 2023

Make this house a HOME!

Learn about this Season's story and delve into some beautiful farmhouse inspired designs!

the Johnson Brown family, 5 people, blended family

What’s life without taking a few risks?

After doing long distance for a year, Tom and Lilly feel like they’re ready to take that leap of faith and move in together. Lilly and her two daughters, Ella (8) and Mia (7), have moved across the country to come live with Tom and his son Jason (1.5) on their wheat farm in rural Kentucky.

From hectic city living to rustic charm on the farm, this new family is coming together and learning how to live and love under one roof.

Are you up to the challenge, Redecorators? Designing for a blended family comes with its challenges, but we’re sure you can make it work with your incredible design skills!

Spread some farmhouse beauty over your designs this Season as you take countryside living to a whole new level! But that’s not all… Get ready to celebrate love in all its forms with Pawesome Days, Family Festival, Self-Expression Day and so much more.

This Season has SO MANY surprises planned, so stay tuned and create beautiful Modern Farmhouse designs!

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