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Redecor Plus: The Ultimate Designing Experience!

06th Jun 2023

Redecor Plus is finally here!

Design like never before! See all the intricate details of your designs and access new features and benefits. Learn all about it here!

blue bathroom with an enlarged sink to see the design better

Check out Redecor Plus NOW

 To log in from your phone, click here.

To log in from your PC and see all the design details, go to this address: www.redecor.plus 

an example of an enlarged piece of a room to see the design better

Redecor Plus is finally here! 

Design like a pro on a wide screen and see all the small details you’ve been missing out on so far. 

This is a game-changer for those who have been playing on mobile devices or tablets and want to experience their designs to the fullest.

With the new web version, you’ll be able to create stunning designs like never before. 

The bigger screen size lets you see all the intricate details of your designs, and you’ll have access to new features that are only available on the web version.

But that’s not all! As a web user, you’ll also enjoy exclusive benefits that aren’t available on other platforms. 

For example, you’ll get extra value on the store, upgraded daily Store Bonuses, unique game activities, special gifts and Items, and much more. 

Get started today and see your designs come to life like never before!

Have a question about Redecor Plus? Our Support team would love to help! 

You can reach out to them here.

You can also check out our dedicated FAQ page about this exciting new addition!

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