Join us for Game Night on Redecor!

04th May 2024

Hosted by the Smith Family

Discover the exciting details below!  

Welcome to Game Nights at Play Hotel, hosted by none other than the Smith Family!  

Throughout the month, you have the chance to win exciting rewards by diving into the Smith Family Game Nights! Every Tuesday and Friday, new rooms will be released, each available for a 48-hour window. 

Inside each Design, you’ll find briefs detailing how each game room operates. Remember, each successful Design earns you one reward. Don’t worry if you don’t get it right the first time – you can Redesign to your heart’s content as long as you have Redesigns available. 

Now, let’s delve into the lineup of game rooms awaiting you, along with their release dates. Stay tuned for further insights as each room goes live! 

Game Room #1: Spot the Difference  

Release Date: May 4th 

First up on the game roster is a crowd favorite: Spot the Difference. Design the room and count how many differences you can spot! Answer correctly to win 2 000 Coins. 

Game Room #2: Spot the Difference  

Release Date: May 7th 

For our second game room, we’re sticking with the classic: Spot the Difference. Dive into the Design, keep your eyes peeled, and see how many differences you can spot between the two sides of the room! Answer correctly to win 2,000 Coins!

Game Room #3: Crack the Code  

Release Date: May 10th 

Redecor-gamer! We’ve got another round of fun for you! For this game room, you’re going to have to grab your detective hats! There are multiple numbers placed throughout the Design. Spot them to crack the code! After you complete the Design, you’ll be asked what numbers you saw. Get it right to win 1 new Pillow!

Game Room #4: The Colottery  

Release Date: May 14th 

Redecor-champs! Test your luck with our latest game room: the Colottery! Think you’ve got an eye for color? Now’s your chance to prove it! Design the Colottery balls using the correct color combination to win 50 000 Coins & 150 Tokens! Now that’s what we call a colorful win!
Hint: Do NOT use the same color more than once.
You’ve got 48 hours to submit your Design and enter the Colottery! Results will be published to your inbox on May 17th at 9:00 UTC. Feeling lucky?

Game Room #5: Wedding Crasher  

Release Date: May 17th 

Redecorators! It seems as though someone has crashed the wedding! The groom has pulled a disappearing act, leaving the bride in the lurch. Rumor has it he ran off with his ex-girlfriend! Scandalous, right? Complete the Design and figure out which chair the ex-girlfriend was sitting in. Get it right, and win 10 Tokens!

Game Room #6: Color by Numbers  

Release Date: May 21st 

Game Room #7: Hide ‘n’ Seek  

Release Date: May 24th 

Game Room #8: Guess the Word  

Release Date: May 28th 

Game Room #9: Count the X’s  

Release Date: May 31st 


Are you ready for some fun and, of course, a bit of friendly competition?! The first game room is open – let the games begin!  

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