Lesson 8

19th Sep 2022


This time we’ll be focusing on where even the king goes alone… we’re talking about the bathroom, of course! 

Welcome back to another fascinating lesson, Redecorators!

This time we’ll be focusing on where even the king goes alone… we’re talking about the bathroom, of course! 

Bathrooms are a tricky room to design because of the safety issues they hold. A bathroom is considered a wet zone, and therefore it can cause slips and falls among clients, especially older ones, as well as mold and decay issues if the materials you choose aren’t appropriate for the setting. 

You need to consider moisture, traffic and dirt when choosing your materials and finishes to make sure that they’re as durable enough, as well as avoid sharp edges as much as possible in case any slips occur. As we said, tricky, right?

Here are a few things to focus on when designing a bathroom:

  1. Anti-slip tiles have an extra layer of coating that diminishes the risk of slipping by creating a greater level of friction with the soles, even when slippery. These tiles can be beautiful and often come resistant to heat and stains.
  2.  Choose waterproof cabinets and vanities. Although solid wood is a beautiful option, it won’t stand the test of time when combined with a bathroom’s usual moisture. Have no fear! There are quite a few high density high moisture resistant (HDHMR) materials that mimic wooden designs perfectly! If you choose this option, it’s important to use a laminate finish to add an extra layer of water resistance. Another option is to opt for luxurious marble countertops, which is a great way to add drama to a room! 
  3. Fixtures can come in many shapes and forms, but it is important to choose ones that are rust-free, with high wear and tear. Stainless steel or aluminum fixtures are both great ways to not break the bank, while keeping a high end look. If your client has the budget, good quality copper from a well known brand can work wonders in a bathroom! This kind of copper, compared to the cheaper versions, will have gone through a few processes to prevent corrosion and leave that green colored residue we all know over time.


Today’s task: Create a minimalistic bathroom

In this Season Pass challenge, we’d like you to ask yourselves some questions while designing: How do the material choices affect the space? Take into consideration tile sizes and colors, seam sizes, glossy vs. matt surfaces and so on. Mix and match the different materials together until you’re happy with the result.


Look for different kinds of bathrooms and wet spaces, either online or in real life. Compare small places with large places – what kind of materials are usually used? What colors, what kind of tiles can you find? What would you do differently if you were given this space to work with?

Practice makes perfect: 

Practice today’s lesson on the Season Pass challenge, “Lesson 8”, going live on September 20th at 10:00 AM UTC

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