Save The Oceans with Redecor and Dots.Eco  

21st Apr 2024

Happy Earth Day Redecorators! In honor of this special day, we’re excited to announce our ongoing partnership with Dots.Eco, a passionate organization dedicated to fostering a sustainable future. 

At Redecor, we’re always looking for ways to combine our passion for design with a cause that’s worth supporting! Continue reading to learn how you can also contribute!  

Mermaid’s Tulips: Design for a Cause  

Each year, an alarming eight million tonnes of plastic make their way into the oceans, impacting marine life and disrupting ecosystems.  

Here’s where YOU can make an impact. 

Introducing the exclusive Limited Item – Mermaid’s Tulips – created in collaboration with Dots.Eco. By purchasing  this Item, you will directly support the removal of one pound of ocean plastic.  

If you want to continue making an impact, you can design using the Limited Item & remove another pound of plastic from the ocean! 

But Why The Oceans? 

Well, to simply put it there is no planet B!  

We prioritize ocean conservation because oceans are crucial for life on Earth. Covering over 70% of our planet’s surface, oceans help regulate climate, absorb carbon dioxide, and provide oxygen essential for all living beings, from tiny creatures to magnificent whales. Unfortunately, oceans are facing serious threats like plastic pollution, overfishing, habitat destruction, and climate change. By protecting our oceans, we’re not only preserving marine ecosystems but also securing the future for generations to come. Our commitment to ocean conservation reflects our dedication to safeguarding this invaluable resource for the benefit of all life on Earth. 

Certificate of Contribution: Celebrate Your Impact 

Once a purchase has been made, you will receive a certificate from Dots.Eco celebrating the contribution you made. Whether it’s your first or fifth certificate, each one represents a distinct piece of your dedication to the cause. Be sure to proudly display it on our Facebook community group and inspire other Redecorators to join the cause!  

Plus, you can continuously monitor the impact of your contribution through the Dots platform!  

Stay Informed: 

Dots.Eco prioritizes transparency by providing detailed insights into the impact of your contribution and the cumulative progress achieved. With operations spanning across various countries, from Brazil to Costa Rica, your donation ensures a tangible and far-reaching impact. 

To date, Dots.Eco, alongside partners like you, has successfully removed 657,695 pounds of plastic from the ocean, marking significant progress in combating this pressing issue. 

Explore the Dots.Eco website for further information! 

This collaboration marks another chapter in Redecor’s ongoing commitment to supporting Dots.Eco’s impactful endeavors. Check out our previous blog posts to learn more about our shared initiatives! 



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