Redecor Takes on the NYC Subways!

16th Apr 2024

Bringing Joy Underground with Dopamine Decor

Design Your Own Subway Experience with Redecor!

We’re bringing Dopamine Decor to the NYC Subways! Are you ready to shake up the underground scene in the city that never sleeps? Keep reading to learn more.  

Imagine this: you’re on your daily commute, trudging through the subway, and suddenly BAM! You’re greeted with bursts of color, cozy seats, funky artwork, and lush greenery!   

Here at Redecor, our main mission is to ignite creativity and joy, and we wanted to take that mission to a whole new level! Introducing the ‘Dopamine Decor’ Design Challenge where you can craft your very own NYC subway car! Drawing inspiration from the feel-good trends on TikTok, this Design is created to turn even the darkest and dullest spaces into beacons of positivity! 

ATTN New Yorkers: Coming soon to a subway line near you! 

In an effort to uplift moods and infuse a touch of vibrancy into NYC’s subway system, the dopamine décor cars will showcase bright and cheerful designs, featuring vibrant colors, cozy seating, funky artwork, calming greenery, and quirky rugs and upholstery. With spring in full swing, NYC residents are eager to soak up some vitamin D and now they can experience that invigorating “spring day” feeling while underground. 

Don’t worry if you’re not in the Big Apple – you can still join the fun on Redecor and create your very own ‘Dopamine Décor’ designs! Be sure to share your creations on our Facebook Community group! 

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