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Curtains up! The Showtime Season is here

01st Feb 2023

Curtains up! The Showtime Season is here

Step into the spotlight and elevate your creative skills with our most glam Season yet.

Get ready to design stunning events and venues that will leave your clients in awe. Whether you’re planning a chic and trendy party, a red carpet extravaganza, or an unforgettable night with your friends, we can’t wait to see the captivating designs you come up with.


Things get even more exciting when you become a Season Pass holder. By getting the Season Pass, you receive exclusive access to some of New York’s top venues and even get the chance to go behind the scenes and complete show-stopping designs with our event planning expert, Isabella.

And that’s not all! By completing 80% of the Season Pass challenges, you’ll win a fantastic reward to show how much we appreciate your event design skills.

In addition, in honor of Black History Month, we’re partnering with the absolutely fabulous interior design tv personality and influencer, Mary Tjon-Joe-Pi. Design her rooms, Duel with her, and learn from her expertise.

So roll out the red carpet, and let’s get this show on the road! We know you have what it takes to make this Showtime Season a success.

It’s Showtime, Redecorator!

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