The Grand Reveal Season

02nd Jan 2023

Become an Interior Design Trendsetter

We’re kicking off 2023 with the Grand Reveal, where we're celebrating the greatest hits of last year while starting you on your journey to becoming an interior design trendsetter!

The Grand Reveal

The All-Time Favorites

Get ready for a blast from the past as we bring you the greatest hits from last year at Redecor. Design a Challenge from every single Season of 2022 & vote for the Season of the Year by redesigning your favorite. You’ll also have a chance to get last year’s most popular items, bundles & collections which will totally upgrade your designs!

The Grand Reveal

Meet us on the Red Carpet

We’re excited to announce that the The Redecor Awards online event is coming soon! Dress to impress and we’ll see you there. We’ll be tipping our hats to the best of the best of 2022, including the top players, favorite items, missions, Challenges and more. Your invitation will arrive in your inbox, so be on the lookout! 

Redecor Awards Show

2023 Hottest Trends

It’s time to up your interior design game with Delilah & Diana’s trends for the upcoming year. Learn about them on the blog and then actually put them into practice with amazing Season Pass Challenges that feature every single trend! Plus, if you complete 80% of the challenges, you’ll earn a UNIQUE wall art reward to use in your own designs.

 Glimpse Into Your Future

The fun doesn’t stop there! The Grand Reveal Season also includes events like getting your fortune told, receiving your personal horoscope, and creating your own vision board. We can’t wait to help you embrace the new year with positivity and enthusiasm for all the amazing things to come.

There’s so much fun to be revealed this Season! Join us every day to discover the greatest hits of 2022, learn about must-know trends, and prepare yourself for a year full of creativity and transformation. We’ll see you there!

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