2023 Top Interior Design Trends: Part 1

02nd Jan 2023

An exciting new year has arrived, bringing with it a fresh stream of new design trends!

Our team of interior designers here at Redecor have been hard at work, learning and gathering top trends from all over the world. We’re proud to present our 2023 interior design guide. We’ve gathered 16 of the most prominent trends - and now’s the time for their GRAND REVEAL!

Trends this year will be designed around making our space as comfortable and welcoming as possible. Mix and match your personal style with what’s trendy, and you’ll have a gorgeous home that’s livable, inviting and totally up to date

Let’s dive in!

Trend 1: Checkered Patterns

The Queen’s Gambit has entered our subconscious! Checkered patterns in interiors are making a comeback, arriving in the form of rugs, tiles and fabrics. They add a relaxed and casual feel to any room with their clean and tailored look. Use them as you would stripes- next to solids, or even paired with other textures and patterns. Checkers are classic, and can be used in all types of decor, and really anywhere!

Checkered Patterns

Trend 2: Gentle Gold

This stunning, warm and subtle shade of gold is reminiscent of desert sand. It’s wonderful to use if you want to add a luxe and glamorous element to your space, but aren’t in love with bright and bold metallic hues. We’ll see this earthy, neutral tone on furniture, in wallpaper and in art. Combine gentle gold with traditional neutrals, or use this tone instead of neutrals to upgrade your interiors.

Gentle Gold Trend of 2023

Trend 3: Natural Warm Tones

Last year’s colors were all about calming green hues. In 2023 we’re looking at some warm, rich and invigorating colors that are still inspired by nature. The color trends this year are ones that promote feelings of well being, while also being bold and playful. We invite you to experiment with earthy hues, pink tones and warm neutrals to create a stunning space of your own that welcomes a feeling of self expression.

Natural Warm Tone Trend of 2023

Trend 4: Calming Nature

The era of focusing on wellness, self care and nature isn’t going anywhere, and is now entering our homes. 2023 will be filled with organic and comfortable materials such as ceramics, clay, cotton, wool and velvet. We’ll see a great deal of baskets, live-edge furniture, plants and natural wood. After spending a long time at home the past few years, we know that bringing nature inside helps us feel alive and connected.

Calming Nature Interior Design Trend of 2023

Trend 5: Unusual Rugs

If you’re looking for a conversation piece, look no further than an irregular shaped rug. This up and coming design trend is perfect for any modern home. While square and circular rugs can make a room feel smaller, fluid shapes allow a room to feel as if it goes on and goes. Search for rugs that are curvy, angular or geometric, and make sure they have as much space as possible. They’re eye-catching enough to stand on their own.


Unusual Rugs Interior Design Trend of 2023Trend 6: Curved Shapes

Following the overall trend this year of comfortable homes, it’s no surprise that curved and rounded furniture, with its soft and inviting look, will be popular in 2023. Curved furniture can actually make us feel relaxed, hopeful and content, as curved lines are connected to nature and are pleasing to look at. Adding in a curved sofa, chaise or armchair to your space will allow you to feel the benefits of this tranquil trend.

Interior Design Trend of 2023 Curved Shapes

Trend 7: Colored Concrete

Colored concrete will definitely have its moment in 2023. The material is incredibly robust, the color remains vibrant over time, and if it chips, the marks don’t show easily. We’ll see this material often in bathrooms, kitchens and floors. You can also color existing concrete, a fabulous fact if you already have concrete in your home. It comes in a wide variety of colors, making it totally worth looking into if you want to add a unique texture to your space.

Interior Design Trend of 2023 Coloured Concrete

Trend 8: Ocean Hues

In addition to warm, natural colors, gorgeous oceanic tones will also be found in interiors this year. We’ll see colors found in the sea, from light and dark blues to all different shades of green. Blues and greens are known to invoke feelings of tranquility, so using these colors will help you create that safe space we know you’re looking for. Oceanic hues are great in bathrooms, or as an accent color in the living room or bedroom. 

Interior Design Trend of 2023 Ocean Hues

You now have several tools at your fingertips to design a relaxing, comfortable and up to the minute home in 2023. 

We invite you to visit Redecor everyday to try out each trend and to use your creativity to develop breathtaking challenges. We’ll see you January 15th for the rest of the 2023 top interior design trends!

Now put your new knowledge to work & go design now!


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